Heritage Conservation Area

What is a Heritage Conservation Area?

A heritage conservation area (“HCA”) is:
  • a and/or , identified for heritage conservation purposes.
  • defined by its specific characteristics (“character defining elements”) defined within a Statement of Significance (SoS)
  • intended to capture and preserve the unique sense of space within the area for the benefit of the broader community.
What’s Being Proposed in Oak Bay?
Based on significant public feedback, in October 2017, Oak Bay Council established a Working Group to provide recommendations on the potential establishment of an HCA in the “Prospect Neighbourhood."  The proposed Prospect Heritage Conservation Area includes York Place, San Carlos Avenue, a portion of Beach Drive and Oak Bay Avenue, and includes both Prospect Place and Broom Road. It also includes the Glenlyon Norfolk School, formerly the Francis Rattenbury residence, the shoreline of Rattenbury’s Beach and Haynes Park. The area is a significant cultural landscape with a sloped topography, narrow scenic roads, significant architecturally designed houses and a location fronting the Oak Bay beachfront.
Current Status

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Status Update

A Public Hearing will be held at 6:00 pm on Monday, February 24, 2020 at the Oak Bay Municipal Hall, located at 2167 Oak Bay Avenue to consider Bylaw No. 4620.003 for The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area.

For additional information on the Public Hearing, you can use the following links to view

Public Hearing Notice

Bylaw No. 4620.003 and the Prospect Heritage Conservation Area Guidelines

If you would like to submit comments for the Public Hearing, please click HERE.

The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area began with a request from neighbourhood residents in the fall of 2016. Policy development began in 2017 with the formation of the Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) Working Group, which resulted in a comprehensive Statement of Significance and proposed HCA guidelines. The process involved the work of the HCA Working Group, the heritage consultant and staff, as well as community input through a series of public information sessions and neighbourhood consultation. 

In February 2019 following a presentation from the HCA Working Group for a Prospect Heritage Conservation Area, Council directed staff to move forward with the necessary bylaw amendments. The resulting bylaw amends the Official Community Plan (OCP) to include the Prospect HCA and associated guidelines. The HCA provides long term protection for this distinct area, the Prospect neighbourhood, which is known to contain special heritage value and / or heritage character. While the entire neighbourhood area is recognized for its heritage value, additional emphasis is placed on properties included in a schedule, where additional heritage protection is warranted. 

The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area - OCP00004 is on the Agenda for the Regular Meeting of Committee of the Whole scheduled for January 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

The following documents are draft and subject to change.




The Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) Working Group has completed their work on the proposed heritage conservation area.  The final document for the proposed Guidelines for 'The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area' will be presented to Council at their January 28, 2019 meeting.  To view the guidelines, please click here.  
This is the first HCA considered in Oak Bay, so prior to a formal legislative process Council established a “Heritage Conservation Area Working Group” tasked with managing the consideration of the HCA request. The Working Group is seeking community input from residents within and outside the HCA area, as well as experts and interested parties from around the region. That feedback is critical to ensure the recommendations for the area and processes to manage it in the future meet the needs of the community. The Working Group will generate a report to Council for consideration. If Council sees merit, they will initiate the more formal District process for bylaw approval. Under Provincial law, the District is required to prepare a bylaw to amend the Official Community Plan, a process that includes a Public Hearing. The District is also required to consult with all property owners within a proposed HCA regarding any regulations which may be included in the bylaw.
The Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) Working Group held a community information session on November 1, 2018 to present a final draft of the proposed Guidelines for 'The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area'  and seek public input and feedback on the guidelines.  This session followed from public information sessions held July 19, 2018, and subsequent work and revisions by the HCA Working Group.  


On October 19 and 21, 2017 the District held public education / information sessions to provide information to the community about HCAs.  On March 8, 2018 two public information and feedback sessions were held to hear from the community. The Working Group is currently working to develop draft design guidelines that will be brought forward to the community for consideration and input.

Future public meetings will be advertised on the District’s website and in the local media.
Additional Information

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Agendas, minutes and webcastings (where available) for the meetings listed below are accessible here.

Status Subject
HCA Frequently Asked Questions - March 2018 Frequently Asked Questions
Proposed HCA Feedback Form - March 2018 Proposed HCA Feedback Form
Statement of Signficance - March 2018 Statement of Significance
Prospect Neighbourhood Information Sessions - March 2018 Information Sessions
Council - Nov. 14, 2017 Staff report - HCA Working Group Work Plan 
Education Sessions - Oct. 19 & 21, 2017 Presentation - Murray G. Miller, Heritage Conservation and Management
Media Release - Oct. 18, 2017  Announcement of HCA Working Group Members
Committee of the Whole - Jul. 17, 2017 Staff report - HCA Working Group Terms of reference
Committee of the Whole - Dec. 5, 2016

Staff report - Establishing a HCA

Community presentation - HCA Proposal

Council - Oct. 11, 2016 Initial proposal from community