COVID-19 Program and Service Updates

Update April 20, 2021.

Adult Group Fitness Suspensions

Given the changes to the Public Health Orders of March 29, the following programs will be suspended starting March 30 through to May 25:

  • All group fitness activities including yoga, pilates, low intensity fitness classes, jazzercise, fitness fusion, etc.
  • All Aquafit classes

Furthermore, the following services will be closed starting March 30 through to May 25:

  • The SportsView Lounge at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre will be closed, and reopen in September.
  • Indoor dining at the Fern Café at Monterey Recreation Centre.

However, please note that the Fern Café at Monterey Recreation Centre will still be offering frozen food entrees and for purchase and pick up.

All individual, pre-registered workouts in the weight room, skates and swims are able to continuing as they have been, no changes to these activities at this time.


Update February 8, 2021.

Oak Bay Recreation is Extremely Popular!

Oak Bay Recreation is experiencing exceptional interest in pre-registered activity sessions in the pool, arena, and weight rooms. In accordance with the Public Health Orders and restrictions on facility capacity, the registration spots are limited and have resulted in some patrons being unable to access their desired activities. Oak Bay prides itself on providing high-quality services and programs even during this time of pandemic and we apologize for this inconvenience.

During the ongoing pandemic, Oak Bay Recreation continues to explore options to enhance processes to provide greater opportunities for program registration.

Patrons are able to register for activities in the following ways:

  • online at:
  • by telephone:
    • Oak Bay Recreation: 250-595-7946
    • Henderson Recreation Centre: 250-370-7200
    • Monterey Recreation Centre: 250-370-7300
  • and, in person.

When trying to register for activities, here are some helpful tips

  • If you receive a busy tone or user unavailable when trying register by phone, that means the phonelines are over capacity and please hang up and try again
  • If you receive an error message during online registration, it is likely due to an overload of patrons trying to register for the same spot. If this is occurring, it means that the spots are no longer available.

Oak Bay Recreation maintains regular contact with Island Health and remains committed to providing safe opportunities for individuals and families to participate in activities that are in accordance with Public Health Orders. We are continuing to look at ways that we can enhance our activity options and we appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Suspended Programs

Update January 4, 2021.

With the changes in the PHO covid-19 guidelines we are now able to provide low intensity fitness classes. Classes are held in the 7,800 square foot gymnasium at Henderson Recreation Centre with a 15 participant capacity in each class. All fitness levels welcomed. Please click on the link to see the schedule and register online! Fitness schedule 

Jazzercise has also returned with lower intensity programming and 25 participant max in each class. Please call Jazzercise for registration at 250-580-5299 or head to


Update December 3, 2020.

As a result of the update provided by the Provincial Health Officer on December 2, 2020, and in an abundance of caution, the following programming changes and suspensions are effective immediately. All indoor and outdoor adult team sport activities happening at Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture facilities are suspended until further notice. This includes basketball, martial arts, hockey, soccer, rugby and volleyball. Racquet sports (tennis, pickleball, badminton, table tennis) may continue for singles play only, however, doubles play and adult group lessons are suspended until further notice. All lower intensity fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, tai chi and stretch and strength type programs are suspended until January. Aquafit is suspended until December 13th. All higher intensity fitness classes such as indoor cycling have been suspended indefinitely. Participants will be contacted regarding their specific activities.

All activities for individual participation such as our work out sessions in the fitness studios or length swimming in the pool will continue at this time. Please check our website and/or call the Oak Bay Recreation Centre at 250-595-7946 before heading out to your activity.

For further specific information on the Provincial Public Health Orders please refer to the following documents:

B.C. Public Health Order on Events and Gatherings:

B.C. Province Wide Restrictions

B.C. Ministerial Order on Face Coverings,covers%20the%20nose%20and%20mouth<

Adult Team Sports – All adult indoor and outdoor team sports (i.e. not an individual) are suspended at this time until further notice from the Provincial Health Officer. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, baseball, softball, combat sports (i.e. martial arts).

High intensity fitness (Spin/indoor cycling, HIIT, aerobics) – All high intensity fitness classes are suspended indefinitely pending further notice of the Provincial Health Officer.

Low intensity fitness classes (i.e. Yoga, Pilates, Stretch and Strength, Light weightlifting, Tai Chi, adult dance) – Are suspended to the end of December 2020 pending the publication of new health guidelines for the operation of group fitness classes.

Aquafit classes – Are suspended until at least Sunday December 13th pending further guidelines for the safe operation of specific Aquafit type classes.

Racquet Sports – General (Tennis, Pickleball, Badminton, Table Tennis) - At this time racquet sports are allowed to continue in a “singles play,” only format – that is one individual versus another individual. Doubles play represents a team of 2 on each side thus a “team sport.” The intent of the order is primarily focused on minimizing, reducing or eliminating gatherings thus the focus on “team.”

  • Adult Tennis Lessons – Group lessons are to be suspended until December 13. Individual or Private Lessons may continue.

Reference Materials for Racquet Sports:

Tennis B.C. Notification

Pickleball B.C. Notification


Children’s (19 yrs and under) Sports Programs and Lessons (swim, skate, tennis)are allowed to continue at this time however no games or competitions are to be held and they must move back to Phase II of the VIASport or Provincial Sports Organization’s guidelines. Furthermore, by order children’s sports must adhere to the following changes to their safety plans:

  • Three metre physical distancing
  • Focus on low risk, low interaction activities
  • No spectators other than a parent/caregiver providing necessary care (i.e. toileting issues and may need support).


Update November 24, 2020.

Group Fitness, Dance and Martial Arts Classes

All group fitness, dance and martial arts classes are suspended until December 7th. The only exception is Aquafit, due to the environment it is held in (i.e. large space with chlorinated water).

Patrons will be contacted by phone or email and credited for missed classes over this time frame. Recreation Oak Bay will make announcements and contact participants on the resumption of classes as soon as possible.

Classes affected include but not limited to: Yoga, Pilates, Total Body Conditioning/training, Spin/Indoor Cycle, Jazzercise, any registered group fitness classes (8 weeks, W.O.W., Body Core Dynamics, Osteofit, Joint Wellness, Barre, etc.) Moderate and Mild Fitness at Monterey, all dance classes including children’s dance, Zumba and Nuline and all martial arts such as Karate.
Fitness studio/weight room individual bookings for sessions are able to continue at this time. The “Take Heart” Program is also able to contine.
All “stationary” classes such as Art classes, tech classes, First Aid, Babysitting, etc. are also able to continue at this time.
If you have questions on specific classes, please contact our Reception at 250-595-7946.


    Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture Notice - Facility Re-opening Plan

    The District of Oak Bay is pleased to announce the re-opening of some facilities, programs and services as follows:

    Upcoming Re-openings:

    Henderson Fitness Centre Re-opening August 26th, 2020.

    Fitness Studio at Henderson Recreation is opening for pre-registered sessions and programs.

    Good news, you can now register online in advance for your workout at the Henderson Fitness Studio! We will begin by opening two timeslots a day from 9:00am-10:30am & 10:45am-12:15pm starting August 26th until September 4th and closed weekends and Labour Day. Our full schedule will begin September 8th with timeslots available 7:15am-12:15pm Monday-Friday and 8:15-1:15 Saturday-Sunday.

    Registration is available up to 1 week in advance, and will begin August 17th at 12:00pm,  for the following week beginning Wednesday August 26th! Head to to get started.

    Please visit fitness and wellness for the schedule and more detailed information on the available options.


    Pool Re-opening August 17, 2020

    Although not all aquatic activities will be offered in the same manner as they were prior to the Pandemic, the following pre-registered programs and activities will be available upon re-opening:

    • Registered lane swimming (Registration begins Tuesday, August 11)

    • Single lane bookings for swimming  or water running/walking (Registration begins Thursday, August 13)

    • Aquafit and Waterworks classes (Registration on now)

    • Family “Bubble,” Swim Lessons and Fun Swims (Registration on now)

    Please visit Aquatics for the schedule and more detailed information on the available options.

    Currently Open

    • Online and Phone Registration for Summer Camps, Preschool and Children's Programs and Reservations for Fitness Studio Sessions, Golf, Outdoor Pickleball and Outdoor Tennis.

    • Paddington Station Day Care welcomes children back to care at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre.

    • Online and Phone Registration for Adult Programs at Monterey Recreation Centre, Registered Fitness Programs and Racquet Sport Programs.

    • The Weight Room/Fitness Studio at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre will re-open to pre-registered access only.

    • Online and Phone Registration (one week in advance on Mondays) for Indoor Cycling and Indoor Bootcamp. Registration will also open for Arena programs.

    • Day camps for children and youth begin at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Windsor Pavilion and Henderson Recreation Centre.

    • Limited indoor fitness programs will begin at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Windsor Pavilion, Monterey Recreation Centre and Henderson Recreation Centre.

    • Personal fitness training and small group circuit training will start at the Henderson Recreation Centre.

    • Adult wellness, fitness and art programs will begin at the Monterey Recreation Centre.

    • Takeout food services will start at the Monterey Recreation Centre.

    • The Arena at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre will open to limited lessons, private lessons, pre-registered open skates, sport skill development programs and rentals.

    Service Changes due to COVID-19

    Thank you for your patience as we reshape our services to provide a safe environment for your return to some of your favorite recreation activities. Things will look and feel different. Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture have followed the recommendations and guidelines from the Province, Island Health, and other authorities to develop the following protocols:

    • Access to programs and facilities must be pre-registered in order to ensure we are able to control the number of people in any given space.  There will be no “drop-ins” available at this time.

    • Patrons will be screened for health concerns or symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering any facility or program. If you have any symptoms, have been exposed to someone with symptoms or have travelled in the last 14 days, please stay home.

    • Physical distancing measures will be implemented which include reducing the number of people able to register for a program or be in a space at any one time. Floor markings will be used to delineate individual space allocations in programs.

    • Program content has been redeveloped to minimize contact between patrons and to reduce the use of shared equipment and supplies.

    • Time has been allocated in the overall schedule of programs and activities to facilitate enhanced cleaning and sanitization of equipment and high touch surfaces.

    • Staff will be trained to monitor and support physical distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene, sanitization, cleaning and all safety protocols.

    • Movement in and out of facilities and spaces will be coordinated between programs and will also be delineated by signage and floor markings to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.

    • Hand sanitization stations will be provided in common areas.

    We appreciate that these represent major changes to the way you’ve experienced your recreation participation in the past but with patience and kindness we are confident you can reintroduce your favorite activities into your life again.

    For further detailed information regarding our patron and employee COVID-19 safety protocols please refer to the summary report:
    Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan Summary Report [PDF - 372 KB] 

    Program and Facility Specific Information 

    For specific questions regarding registration information and/or your personal accounts please call Reception at 250-595-7946.

    Fitness Studio and Fitness Programs: Click here

    Golf: Click here

    Racquet Sports: Click here

    Children’s Programs: Click here

    Progam Guide: Click here

    Additional Resources

    Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture have followed the guidelines and recommendations of the Province, Island Health and other industry specific authorities in order to develop safety plans for patrons and employees. The following is a sample of supporting and reference documents used in the development of our reopening plans:

    BC Recreation and Parks Association’s “Guideline for Restarting Operations.”

    ViaSport BC, “Return to Sport”

    Island Health, “COVID-19 Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Centres In Island Health’s Region, updated May 28”

    BCCDC Guide for Recreation Facilities


    Winter Guide

    Registration opens December 1.

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