Fire Prevention & Safety

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention reduces loss of life and property resulting from fire by eliminating fire hazards and enforcing the rules and regulations that are necessary for public safety. The Oak Fire Department's fire prevention program includes fire investigations, public building inspections, code enforcement and public education initiatives.

The Oak Bay Fire Department offers the following Fire Prevention resources and information:

Fire Inspections

Fire Department Inspectors conduct public building, commercial, industrial and multi- family residential property fire and life safety inspections on a scheduled basis.

Smoke Alarms

Although most homes have at least one smoke alarm, almost 50% of home fires and 60% of fire deaths occur in the homes with no smoke alarms (or non-functioning alarms).  By properly installing and with regular testing/maintenance of your smoke alarms, you can ensure that they are working and will alert you if an fire occurs.  See More...

Fire Escape Planning

When a fire occurs, there is no time for planning… Take time now with your family and make a step-by–step for escaping a fire.  Make sure everyone is familiar with the sound the smoke alarm makes, and knows what to do.  You may only have seconds to get out!  See More...

Fire Extinguishers

Many people have fire extinguishers in their homes or businesses; but how many people know how to use them? How many people know the type of fire extinguisher to use on different fires?  Fire extinguishers can often stop a waste paper basket fire or cooking fire while it is still small.

It is important to know what type of extinguisher to chose and how to use it. See More...

Community Education

The Oak Bay Fire Department and Oak Bay Fire Fighters are proud to serve and be involved in their community.  We provide various opportunities for community education.  See More...

Oil Tanks

The B.C. Fire Code, B.C. Building Code and local Bylaws regulate the removal and installation of oil tanks. See More...

Fire Prevention Links:

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Fire Safety

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