Oak Bay Parks has implemented programs to preserve trees within the municipality supporting the vision and direction of the District's Urban Forest Management Strategy. For more information on tree work, donations and the Urban Forest Management Strategy please click on the + signs below. 

Oak Bay Tree Protection Bylaw

The District of Oak Bay has developed a new Tree Protection Bylaw. This new bylaw supports the vision and direction of the District’s Urban Forest Management Strategy.

To find the Tree protection bylaw please go to the bylaws page by clicking here or download the pdf here.


Tree Work Application Permit

No protected tree shall be cut down or damaged unless such cutting down or damage has been authorized by:

  1. a permit issued under this Bylaw; or
  2. development permit issued by Council.

For more information on the Tree Protection Bylaw, please see the Oak Bay website. You can also download a Tree Protection Application form below:


Below is a fillable PDF - Save the file locally to your computer and open in Adobe Reader (download and install Adobe Reader if you do not have it on your computer), fill out the form in Adobe Reader and save.  You will then be able to email the application to the Parks Office

Tree Application Permit (pdf)

Approved Tree Planting List (pdf)

Approved Tree Planting Instructions (pdf)

Tree Donation Program

Plant a tree in honour of a family member or to celebrate the birth of a new child, your graduating class or an anniversary. Plant a tree to acknowledge service club members, organizations or businesses. Plant a tree in memory of a departed family member or friend.

Whatever your reason, the tree that you choose will help ensure that Oak Bay remains ‘green’.

All donations will receive a tax receipt. For more information call 250-592-7275 or download the brochure

To see generous donations from the past please visit the Tree Donations page.

Urban Forest Management Plan

Oak Bay's trees and green spaces are a key part of our community's identity, but as our trees age and our community develops, there will be changes in our urban forest. In order to manage that change, the District of Oak Bay has initiated an Urban Forest Management Strategy to guide the long-term health and distribution of trees in our community. The plan will provide direction for key activities, including tree canopy cover growth, new plantings, tree health and maintenance, tree protection and budgeting within District limits.

Implementation of the Urban Forest Management Plan will increase the benefits produced by the urban forest for the community and will complement Oak Bay's broader community goals for climate change, our natural environment, neighbourhood, built environments, parks, open spaces and transportation.

Urban Forest Short Term Implementation (pdf)

Final Report (pdf)

Uplands Park: Restoring and Preserving an Ecological Treasure (pdf)