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Oak Bay Tree Protection Bylaw

The District of Oak Bay has developed a new Tree Protection Bylaw. This new bylaw would supports the vision and direction of the District’s Urban Forest Management Strategy.

Oak Bay Tree Protection by law is currently being updated. We will post the updates here.
Thank you for your patience.

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Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay

In partnership with the Community Association of Oak Bay we are pleased to announce the launch of our “Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay” campaign to encourage and support Oak Bay residents in planting native Garry oak trees in their home gardens.

This campaign is intended to help achieve the goals outlined in the Urban Forest Management Plan, which was adopted by Oak Bay Council in 2017. These goals include:

  • to enhance canopy cover to 40% by 2045;
  • to manage the urban forest for climate change adaptation;
  • and to engage the community in urban forest stewardship.

The plan aims to plant 1,400 new trees on public land and work with residents and institutions to plant 5,000 new trees on private property.

The “Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay” program will provide:

  • healthy Garry oak saplings ready for planting
  • instructions and advice on planting and care
  • mulch,
  • winter moth protection,
  • and a support stake. 

Trees are available to residents by donation. Residents’ contributions will be matched by the Community Association’s Jill Croft Memorial Urban Forest Legacy Fund. All funds will go to the Oak Bay Parks tree purchase fund to acquire and plant even more trees in the community. 

Oak Bay has the largest urban population of Garry oaks in Canada, but the existing population is generally very mature and in need of regeneration through successor planting. These oaks are very resilient trees, having flourished here for 7000 years, and are well suited to current and expected climate conditions. They provide excellent canopy, ecological and other benefits.

Donations to the Jill Croft Memorial Urban Forest Legacy fund may be made to the Community Association of Oak Bay at or by contacting

More information:
Please contact:
Chris Hyde-Lay, Manager of Parks Services

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Registration opens December 1.

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