Tax Deferment Programs

Property Tax Deferment Programs

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Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations

Regular Property Tax Deferment Program

The BC Property Tax Deferment Program allows property owners to defer payment of annual property taxes if owners are:

  • 55 years or older (only one owner must be 55 or older any time during the current calendar year) or,
  • a surviving spouse of any age (a surviving spouse is a person who lost their spouse by death and who is not currently the spouse of another person) or,
  • a person with disabilities must provide supporting documents identified on the Tax Deferment website.

and if owners are:

  • Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who have lived in BC for at least one year immediately prior to applying for tax deferment benefits.

Take the following survey Tax Deferment Eligibility Calculator – Regular Program

Families with Children Property Tax Deferment Program

The families with Children Property Tax Deferment Program is a loan program available to assist families. This program allows you to defer the annual property taxes on your home if you meet certain criteria. Same qualifications as the regular program with respect to Canadian citizen or permanent resident:

  • you are financially supporting, at the time of application, a dependent child who is under the age of 18 at any time in the calendar year in which you apply, and who
  • lives with you full time in your home
  • lives with you at least part time under a shared custody arrangement, or
  • does not live with you, but you pay support for the child, or are responsible for fees, and /or living cost if they are attending school.

Take the following survey for eligability: Tax Deferment Eligibility Calculator- Families with Children Program  

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations website.