Resident Parking

The Municipality contracts with the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires for the enforcement of parking regulations in a wide variety of categories, such as parking time limits, resident-only restrictions, yellow lines and bus zones, crosswalk encroachment, blocking of driveways, along with others set out in the Streets and Traffic Bylaw and in orders passed under the authority of that enactment. The Police Department also has enforcement authority in all of these areas and will respond to particularly hazardous situations or public nuisances.

In various parts of Oak Bay, "Resident Only" parking restrictions have been enacted. In order to avoid receiving parking tickets if your house is located in one of these zones, it is necessary to obtain a "resident" parking sticker from the Municipal Hall. You will have to provide evidence that your vehicle is registered at an Oak Bay address before a sticker will be issued. Visitors to your home should leave a note on the dashboard of their vehicle to let the parking commissionaire know that they're visiting your house and must be present in your home while parked in the "Resident Only" parking zone.

Please note that a resident parking sticker is different from the resident sticker required to dump garbage at the Oak Bay Public Works Yard.


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