Friends of Uplands Park

Friends of Uplands Park (FOUP) is a volunteer group working in partnership with the District of Oak Bay to provide opportunities for stewardship, education and inspiration related to Uplands Park.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can become a steward of Uplands Park by volunteering with us to restore the park’s endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem by helping us to remove invasive plants and to plant native species. In 2016, we led more than 90 events in the park, including invasive removal parties, school programs and public outreach educational events on the park’s unique ecosystem and rare species.


Our education and outreach activities are aimed at increasing the public’s understanding of Uplands Park’s endangered ecosystem and exceptional biodiversity, the many threats they face and how individuals can contribute to their restoration and preservation for future generations. We organize public meetings, school programs and tours throughout the year to raise awareness of the biological, ecological, geographical and cultural history of the park.

Celebrating the Park

We hold public events to celebrate and find inspiration in the beauty of the woods and flower meadows of Uplands Park and in the spectacular view of the sea, islands and mountains from rocky Cattle Point.

Become a Friend of Uplands Park

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Find Out about Upcoming events and Opportunities

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