Community Initiatives

Emergency management in Oak Bay looks at ways to build community capacity as well as to empower its citizens on how to be prepared, what to do to provide for their own safety and to encourage them to help their neighbours to do the same.  It also builds its disaster resilience through partnerships with its community-based organizations, the Canadian Red Cross and with adult learners from Royal Roads University, Masters in Disaster and Emergency Management (MADEM), and the University of Victoria.


United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UN/ISDR)
2011 Community Capstone Engagement Project, Royal Roads University

Oak Bay was privileged to work with students from the Master in Disaster and Emergency Management (MA DEM) from Royal Roads University (RRU), for their 2011 Community Capstone Engagement Project.  In 2011, Oak Bay was designated as a UN Disaster Resilient ‘Role Model’ City.  Check out 2010-2011 World Disaster Reduction Campaign “Making Cities Resilient”

Oak Bay Seniors’ Mitigation & Preparedness Project (July 2009-June 2010)

The Oak Bay Community Outreach Team, through the District of Oak Bay and with Council Resolution, received a $10,000 Seniors’ Housing & Support Initiative (SHSI), Age-friendly Community Planning Grant.  The Seniors’ Mitigation & Preparedness Project assisted the Oak Bay Emergency Program with assessing the strengths and vulnerabilities of its senior population in the event of a major emergency or large-scale disaster and enabling them to identify tools and resources to assist in increasing resilience.

Grade 3 School Initiative

During Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week held during the first full week of May, Oak Bay ESS volunteers partner with the Canadian Red Cross to deliver and interactive Get Prepared to all the Grade 3 classes in Oak Bay.  The Oak Bay Emergency Program sponsors a starter Grab & Go Kit for all Grade 3 students to take home. 

This school initiative, which was piloted by Oak Bay and the Canadian Red Cross, is now offered to Grade 4 classes in Esquimalt, Saanich and some First Nations schools. 

Community Outreach

The Oak Bay Emergency Program and its volunteers work collaboratively with the Oak Bay Police Block Watch Program, community organizations, seniors residences and residential complexes to promote emergency preparedness and provide education sessions on request.  To arrange for an education session to your group, contact the Oak Bay Emergency Program at 250.592.9121 or

Public Awareness Displays

The Oak Bay Emergency ESS volunteers sets up displays at various community events to promote preparedness and volunteer opportunities, including

  • The Oak Bay Wednesday Night Market
  • ShakeOut BC Events
  • Emergency Preparedness Week