Car Seat Installation

From rear to front-facing or booster seats, ensure you know how to properly set up your car seat! 

Members of the Oak Bay Fire Department are trained through BCAA to guide parents/guardians in setting up their car seats properly. This educational session will teach you to install your car seat before you leave the fire hall. 

Setting up a session

Before coming to the fire hall, please call ahead to book an appointment with one of our trained staff members. This ensures that there will be a BCAA-trained staff member on-site to guide you through the car seat set-up.  

Once you’ve booked your appointment, here are a few things to remember: 

  • Ensure your car seat is taken out of its packaging, that all necessary pieces are put together, the seat is installed in the car before arrival. 

  • Bring the seat and vehicle manual with you on the day of your appointment. 

  • If children are attending, ensure there is an additional family member present to watch the children while one parent/guardian receives instructions from Oak Bay Fire. 

Reach out to Oak Bay Fire today 

Call Oak Bay Fire’s non-emergency line today at (250) 592-9121 to schedule an appointment. Our trained staff looks forward to ensuring you’re well-prepared for road trips with your loved ones moving forward!