Block Party

Block Party Application Form

The District of Oak Bay welcomes special events using public spaces that benefit our community.  Proposed special events generally require community social and economic benefits that are well organized and appropriately supported from the planning stages through to leaving the site in the same condition it was found prior to use.

Overview of Application Process

The following information corresponds to the Application form and is intended as a guideline to assist you in having your event application considered.

The application process begins with you submitting to the District of Oak Bay a completed  Application form.  Please keep in mind that acceptance of your application should in no way be construed as final approval or confirmation of your request.  The completed application must be signed and submitted by fax, mail or in person.  The person signing the application form is responsible for ensuring that all conditions in the agreement are met.

Special Event Deadlines

Block Party 6 weeks – Prior to required approval date Sketch/map of requested closure to be submitted at time of application
Public Space, 
8 weeks - Prior to required approval date Sketch/map of event site and proposed resident notification (if applicable, i.e. parking lot closures) to be submitted at time of application
Road Event, 
12 weeks – Prior to required approval date Sketch/map of event site/route, and Traffic Control Safety Plan (if applicable) to be submitted with application
Major Event, 
Road closure
12 weeks – Prior to required approval date  Sketch/map of event site/route, proposed resident notification and Traffic Control Safety Plan to be submitted with application













Once the application has been received copies are distributed and reviewed by all affected municipal departments. 

The application must include:

  • overview description of the event, including whether the event is or is not for-profit,
  • organizer contact information;
  • contact information of on-site designated event liaison;
  • event details such as location, date, time, schedules;
  • clearly presented site plan and/or route map;
  • anticipated number of participants and spectators;
  • notification plan for residents/businesses;
  • anticipated requirements of municipal resources/services i.e. police, fire, public works (if applicable).

General Conditions

  • The organizer shall not use the site or route for any other purpose than that stated in the agreement with the District of Oak Bay.
  • The organizer is responsible for ensuring the permitted area is appropriate for the activity.
  • The organizer shall be responsible for returning the site, route and/or any municipal equipment to its original clean, litter-free (removing all litter from site) condition following the event.
  • The organizer shall be liable for any damage done to the site or route or municipal equipment during the event.
  • The organizer may be billed for any subsequent cost incurred by the Municipality.
  • Nothing can be fastened to, hung from or placed in trees, planters or other municipal property without specific permission, including posters advertising the event.
  • Organizers should consider traffic impact, an alternative transportation plan, parking, disabled access, adequate personnel on site, noise levels, sale or handouts of food, beverages and merchandise, access to water or power.
  • As applicable, additional conditions may be required to be met.


  • The sale of goods and refreshments
  • The collection of an admission fee
  • The operation of a concession
  • The operation of a public address system
  • The operation of amplified music
  • The dispensing, sale/purchase, or consumption of alcohol
  • The installation of electricity
  • The use of fire or fireworks
  • The erection of: Structures, Fences, Poles, Tents, Stages, Bleachers, Portable toilets
  • Signage, banners or advertisements
  • Vehicles being driven onto grassed areas, restricted access, or service roads at any time.
  • Waste management
  • Air Inflatable Play Devices

*Special regulations may apply for the above. Please provide details on the application form.

Designated Event Liaison

Organizers must designate a named on-site public liaison with authority to ensure compliance with agreement and to make decisions on behalf of the organizer for the duration of the event including the clean up and set up time. Contact information for the liaison must be provided in the application and the liaison must be available via cell phone at all times during the event. It is required that the agreement with the District of Oak Bay be on-site, available and presented upon request.


The District of Oak Bay retains the right to cancel the event up to and including the day of the event, or at any time during the event in an emergency or if the applicant does not adhere to this or any other related permit conditions, or if the Chief Constable or his designate apprehends that the Event is creating an undue nuisance or a hazard to the safety of any person or the public at large. Permits will be revoked without payment of any compensation in the event of a breach of any laws, by-laws, or conditions set up herein or in force. Non-compliance may result in additional charges.

Block Party Application Form