The CRD’s Deer Management Strategy Pilot Project concluded at the end of 2015 (see the Chief Administrative Officer’s covering report to the January 25, 2016 Council meeting here). The District of Oak Bay participated in the project and provided the CRD and the public with a “Lessons Learned” report, intended to help communities throughout the Capital Region and the Province learn from the District’s experience; that report is available for public review here.

These reports from the District were provided to the CRD for its review and to help inform considerations on next steps.

In the absence of any natural predators, human-deer conflicts are expected to continue and increase throughout the Capital Region as the population of deer rises unchecked. 


FAQ's and Fact Sheets

FACT SHEET: Urban Deer Management in B.C.

Frequently Asked Questions - Regional Deer Management Strategy


Deer Information Brochures

Deer in the Capital Region - Information for Residents

Reducing Deer-Human Conflict


Additional Information

The BC SPCA met with the District of Oak Bay

Ministry of Environment - Discouraging Ungulate Conflicts

Oak Bay News Editorial, May 2014, "Safety at the heart of deer control"

Message from the Mayor and Council

Update - October 14, 2014 Staff Report

Urban Deer Population Control Direct Methods - Summary Presentation - January 2015

CAO Report - Conclusion of Pilot Project - Council Meeting May 11, 2015

"Lessons Learned" Report - Council Meeting May 11, 2015

CAO Report - Update to Conclusion of Pilot Project - Council Meeting Jan. 25, 2016

CAO Memorandum - Future Deer Management - CoW Meeting Mar. 21, 2016  

Injured Deer

Deer that are seriously injured should be reported to the appropriate authorities. In Oak Bay, you may call:

  • Oak Bay Police Department non-emergency line: 250-592-2424


  • BC Conservation at 1-877-952-7277
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