Addressing the complex issues associated with deer in our neighbourhoods remains a priority for the District of Oak Bay and for many of our residents.  We continue to work on a responsible and effective long-term response with the community. We are making progress.

Oak Bay Council has taken an active leadership role in addressing the challenges of deer in our neighbourhoods in partnership with the Province and the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society (UWSS). The UWSS is a non-profit citizen-led group that works with experts in the field to focus on a scientific and evidence-based approach to deer population management.

In 2016, Oak Bay Council signed onto the provincial urban deer cost-share research program with the UWSS.  This multi-step program has been unfolding across our community over the past 18 months and consists of public education, data collection and analysis - with the goal of better understanding population numbers, deer ecology and movement of the deer population.  To date, 20 does have been GPS collared and tagged in cooperation with wildlife veterinarians. Beyond this foundational work, administration of an immuno-contraceptive to the doe population without GPS collars is planned this fall.

Once the research phase of the project is advanced, more does will be vaccinated based on the research findings.  Over time, immuno-contraction is projected to slow population growth and the data collected will provide important insight about the population of deer that we are striving to manage as a community.  

Council remains committed to providing leadership that strikes an important balance between quality of life and an effective method of deer population control that is publicly-acceptable, affordable and effective over the longer term.  The work of the UWSS and associated experts is building an important foundation of science-based knowledge to guide our decision-making.

UWSS Research Project Update
Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society presented to Council at their meeting held on Monday, September 17, 2018. The presentation provided an update on the two-part study on the population of urban deer in Oak Bay. To view a video of the presentation please click here and choose item number 5 in the Council meeting video index. To access the slides please click on the agenda on the right side of the screen


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