Winter Weather and Roads

Road Clearing and your safety 

The District of Oak Bay’s Public Works team works diligently to clear roads during winter weather events. In the event of a snowfall, if you have any questions regarding your roads or your surrounding neighbourhood, call Public Works 250-598-4501.  

Be a sidewalk star! Clear your sidewalks 

Residents are reminded they are required to clear ice and snow from sidewalks in front of their residences, stated in the Streets and Traffic Bylaw

If you are going to be away from home, or require assistance, make arrangements with your neighbours to help shovel and remove snow. 

  • Tip: Before shovelling snow, do a physical warm-up to ensure your body is prepared for this physically strenuous activity! 

Preparing for Road Maintenance 

While our crews work diligently to prepare and clear roads during winter weather events, here are some tips to remember to ensure a smooth process: 

  • If possible, do not park your vehicle on the street. When cars are off the street, this makes snow clearing easier for snowplows. 

  • Please give our crews plenty of room while they are working, this can include snowplows and crews working on broken water mains. 

  • When you’re walking, walk on the left side of the road (facing traffic) if there’s no sidewalk. Remember to wear bright, reflective clothing at night. 

  • During a snowfall, ensure any catch basins in front of your home are clear of snow. This helps prevent localized flooding when the snow melts. 

  • When shoveling snow, place snow on the right side of your driveway (facing the road). This helps prevent snowplows from filling your driveway as they clear the roads. 

  • Check on your four-legged friends! Ensure their paws are clear when returning from a walk, as salt used in snow/ice can be aggravating for their paws. 

  • If you need to drive during winter weather, remember to drive to the conditions and to give snowplows plenty of room to operate. 

Staying healthy and safe during winter weather 

With snow and ice comes cold temperatures! Remember these tips to ensure you stay safe during cold weather: 

  • Ensure you wear waterproof boots with solid grip when walking 

  • Wear clothes in layers. 

  • Ensure your emergency kit is stocked in case of a power outage. 

  • Identify a neighbour or friend that could be a winter buddy and check in on them regularly. 

“What about my neighbourhood?” Snow and Ice Frequently Asked Questions
What are the priority routes for snow removal?

First Priority: Major collectors and arterial routes, which include emergency routes 

Second Priority: Hills, schools, bus routes and recreation centre access. 

My garbage wasn’t collected, what do I do next?

In the event your garbage isn’t collected, you can keep it until your next pickup day. You may also drop it off at the District’s Public Works Yard. 

The hours for the Public Works Yard is Mon. To Fri. 8am – 3pm and Saturday 8am to 3pm. 

Not sure of your collection day? Visit our Collection Service and Schedule

Am I responsible for clearing sidewalks in front of my house?

Residents are required to clear ice and snow from the sidewalks in front of their residence as stated in the Streets and Traffic Bylaw

Who can I call for more information?

You can direct inquiries to the District’s Public Works Yard by calling 250-598-4501. They are open Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you call outside of these hours, you’ll be directed to the after-hours line. 

My recycling pickup was missed, who should I call for information?

Regarding missed curbside recycling collection, you can contact GFL Environmental by calling 236-466-6886.