Projects & Initiatives

In examining some complex issues, special reports may be commissioned to provide research and recommendations. These are frequently guided by standing committees or a short-term working groups.

Reports on Oak Bay projects and initiatives are available for download below. Copies of these documents are also available for purchase from Corporate Services at the Municipal Hall - please contact us in advance to request a copy available for pickup during regular business hours.

Active Transportation 

Active Transportation Strategy 2011

Active Transportation Strategy 2023 - October 25, 2023

Oak Bay Marina 

Oak Bay Marina Facility Condition Assessment - March 8, 2022

Oak Bay Marina Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - February 10, 2020

Oak Bay Marina Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - December 31, 2019

Tod House

Tod House Condition Assessment - October 13, 2020

Tod House Condition Survey - October 13, 2020

Asset Management

Asset Management Policy and Strategy (Initial Approvals: March 28, 2018)

2016 Asset Management Report, Opus International

Building Asset Management Plan, Moore Wilson Architects Inc., July 2016 (LARGE FILE SIZE, Slow download)

Municipal Buildings Analysis: Options Analysis, Moore Wilson Architects Inc., July 2016 (LARGE FILE SIZE, Slow download)

Age Friendly Action Plan 

2016 Age Friendly Action Plan