Takaya Reflections

We would like to thank everyone who shared their reflections of the wolf Takaya with stone sculptor Kent Laforme.

An anonymous donor has commissioned a substantial carving by well-known stone sculptor Kent Laforme to honour Takaya, the wolf who spent much of his life just off the coast of Oak Bay on Chatham and Discovery Islands.

With Takaya choosing to live so close to Oak Bay there is the possibility of having this piece of art located in our community. Oak Bay Parks and local experts on native endangered plants have identified a potential site at Cattle Point that could be used as a natural and accessible gallery for this piece of work and is a location that the donor is willing to consider.

This very special wolf represented different things to different people; wanting to be inclusionary and have the art reflect the diversity of the community, the artist, Mr. Laforme, has agreed to use community memories of Takaya to inform part of the carving. This is part of Oak Bay’s Public Art process, and while this artwork is not yet committed to Oak Bay, we are grateful that he is willing to listen to the stories and memories you have to share. Please share your stories and memories of Takaya. These can be words, photographs, songs, art of your own, anything that comes to mind when you think of Takaya.