Business Improvement Assoc.

The Oak Bay Business Improvement Association (Oak Bay BIA)  represents members from 150 businesses and organizations located on Hampshire Road, Theatre Lane, Wilmot Place, and Oak Bay Avenue from Monterey Avenue to Foul Bay Road.

The Oak Bay BIA exists to promote local member businesses and to contribute to the community at large. This is achieved in two ways: through advertising and promoting products and services offered by local businesses, and by sponsoring a number of exuberant community events and festivities which have already become part of local tradition. Celebrations such as Oak Bay's Christmas Festival, the Easter Egg Scramble, the Royal Victoria Marathon in Oak Bay and Halloween Trick or Treat fun ensure that the Oak Bay BIA's profile is visible year round, while at the same time giving great pleasure to the children and adults of the community. These magic moments become treasured Oak Bay memories.

The Oak Bay BIA works in partnership with Oak Bay Tourism, the Oak Bay Municipality and the community. We especially treasure the contributions of our many community volunteers. Internally the BIA is governed by a Board comprised of 15 Directors representing a variety of local businesses. Officers elected by the Board manage the day-to-day operations of the Association.

The Oak Bay BIA Directors meetings are usually held at 8:00 AM on the 2nd Thursday of every month. These meetings last about an hour. Oak Bay BIA meetings are open to the public; visitors and guests are welcome.

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