Strategic Planning and Budgeting Process

In 2019, the District of Oak Bay commenced a new process for strategic planning and budgeting that will continue to evolve over future cycles. The process undertaken to date recognizes that strategic planning and budgeting work was already in stream for 2019.

To assist citizens in understanding and participating in these processes, this web page was created as a central place to access information regarding strategic planning and budgeting. 

Oak Bay Council and staff value public input and citizen feedback as we work to enhance these processes. Written comments can be submitted by email to or sent to the Oak Bay Municipal Hall, 2167 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC, V8R 1G2. Members of the public may also address Council at upcoming meetings. To find meeting details and agenda materials please visit our Minutes and Agendas page.

2020 Budget Questionnaire


The median Oak Bay household pays $3000 in annual municipal property taxes.  Other money collected through property taxes goes to help pay for schools, the Capital Regional District, the Capital Regional Hospital District, BC Transit and BC Assessment. 

Property taxes fund approximately half the District’s budget.  Utility and program fees and charges, grants, and reserves fund the remainder.


The Province’s Community Charter sets out that the purposes of a municipality include:

(a) providing for good government of its community,
(b) providing for services, laws and other matters for community benefit,
(c) providing for stewardship of the public assets of its community, and
(d) fostering the economic, social and environmental well-being of its community.

It is up to Council to determine which services are appropriate for the community.  Provincial legislation sets legislative, financial and procedural parameters on how services are delivered. 

As times change and as communities evolve, new issues arise and matters formerly deemed important can become less pressing. It is important that a community regularly revisit the services a municipality delivers to ensure that the service mix and quality remains appropriate. 

You are invited to provide feedback to Council on the services you prefer.

Answer the service level questionnaire.

How will input be used?

Council will consider feedback captured from this questionnaire prior to finalizing the 2020 municipal budget.

What if I need help?

If you need help to answer the survey, please contact

What if someone doesn’t have online access and wants to participate?

Paper copies of the service level questions will also be available at Municipal Hall January 16 – February 13, 2020. Paper copies must be completed and returned to Oak Bay Municipal Hall by February 13, 2020

Will there be a report out on the results?

Yes, District staff will bring a summary of the results to a Council meeting prior to final budget consideration.


Budget Process Overview

Annual Budget Process

Corporate Plan

2019 Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan Initiatives - Progress Report September 2019

Financial Plan

2019-2023 Financial Plan

Thank you to those that contributed to the discussion of the 2019-2023 Financial Plan. Council considered your input and the Financial Plan was adopted by bylaw on May 13, 2019, Financial Plan Bylaw 2019, No. 4727.

2019 Citizen Budget Results

2019 marked the second year that the District of Oak Bay offered the online budget simulator tool. The Citizen Budget allows residents to provide input to Council pertaining to their spending priorities regarding funding of services. 95 responses were received, an increase from 47 in 2018.

Summary of Respondents:

The majority of respondents identified themselves as being over 55 years of age (58), living in Oak Bay for 10 years or more (58), and predominantly as property owners (91).

Summary of Results:

The high level results, shown in the table below, indicate a preference for funding to be increased for Engineering and Transportation Services and for transfers to Reserves. Respondents requested that the funding levels for the remaining services should be maintained.

Service: Funding Level: 
Police Protection Maintain
Fire and Emergency Services Maintain
Engineering and Transportation Services Increase
Parks, Recreation and Culture Maintain
Urban Forest Management Maintain
Building and Planning Maintain
Transfer to Reserves Increase

You can view the complete results here. In order to maintain privacy, comments appear in random order per question. Please note that if any inappropriate language, comments pertaining to specific individuals or roles within the organization or disparaging remarks not related to the subject matter were included, they were redacted from the document.

Annual Reports (previous years)
Asset Management Program
Financial Statements (previous years)
Five Year Financial Plans (previous years)
Official Community Plan

Meeting Minutes Memorandums and  Reports  Presentation
December 3, 2018 
Special Committee of the Whole
December 3, 2019 Meeting Minutes Report: Interim CAO  
January 21, 2019
Committee of the Whole
January 21, 2019 Meeting Minutes Report: Interim CAO  
January 24, 2019
Special Committee of the Whole - Asset Management

January 24, 2019
Meeting Minutes

Report: Director of Engineering Services

Attch. 1 - Asset Mgmt Visual Aid

Attch. 2 - 
Asset Mgmt Policy

Attch. 3 - Asset Mgmt Strategy

Director of Engineering Services & Director of Financial Services
January 29, 2019 
Special Committee of the Whole - Housing
January 29, 2019
Meeting Minutes
Memorandum: Director of Building and Planning Director of Building and Planning and Manager of Planning
February 23, 2019
Special Committee of the Whole - New Initaitives - Staff
February 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Draft Budget Sheets

Provisional Police Budget (Approved: Nov 26/18)

OCP Vision Statement

PRC Commission 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Interim CAO
and Departmental Presentations
February 25, 2019
Special Committee of the Whole - New Initiatives - Council
February 25, 2019
Meeting Minutes
Memorandum: Acting CAO  
March 28, 2019
Draft Financial Plan Open House
  Draft 2019-2023 Financial Plan Presentation, Acting CAO































2019 Strategic Planning


2019 Accomplishments


Strategic Priorities and Corporate Goals



Process Enhancments and Continuous Improvement

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