Get Involved in the Oak Bay Emergency Program (OBEP)!

There is something for everyone who wants to become involved in building a disaster resilient community. 

OBEP volunteers train and prepare so that when an emergency or disaster affects our community they are ready to help the community respond and recover.

Emergency Support Services (ESS) Team

ESS Team members are trained to provide for the short-term and recovery needs of those evacuated from their homes due to an emergency or disaster, including storms, fire, flood or earthquake. Assistance may include food, temporary lodging, clothing and other services such as family reunification.  Emergency Support Services are provided to all levels of emergencies and can be provided at or near the site of the incident or at a designated comfort centre or reception centre.

Emergency Preparedness Education (EPE) Team

Emergency Preparedness Education volunteers provide emergency preparedness information and education to the community through a series of workshops, information sessions, displays and activities. EPE Team members are also trained in Emergency Support Services.

Emergency Communications (Comms) Team

Comms volunteers are generally Amateur Radio operators or volunteers with related radio experience who provide emergency communications should normal communications channels fail.

To be an OBEP volunteer, you need

  •  An interest in emergency management and preparedness
  • A desire to help your neighbours prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency or disaster and
  • The ability to be part of a team or work on your own, as the situation requires.

There is excellent training provided at no cost for all the teams.   

We also have numerous project and time specific projects and volunteer opportunities, which are constantly evolving according to the Program’s needs.

All OBEP volunteers meet on the first Monday of the month, except in July and August.  The Comms team also meets at 6:45 pm “on-air” every Wednesday, year around.  ESS training sessions and exercises are generally held on Saturdays. Comms training and exercises are usually held Wednesday evenings

Volunteering with the Emergency Program is an excellent way to learn about emergency preparedness and response and contribute to your community.  Come prepared to meet new people, learn and have fun.

OBEP volunteers are part of a large provincial network of trained emergency volunteers and are our community's most important ready-when-the-time-comes resource in the event of an emergency or disaster.

OBEP Volunteer Program Vision, Mission and Core Values

Oak Bay is a resilient municipality supported by an outstanding team of staff and volunteers

Our mission is to recruit and train volunteers who encourage self-reliance through emergency preparedness and respond to those affected by an emergency.

Core Values:
Our volunteers are committed, adaptable and respectful team players who are empathic and always act with integrity.

To volunteer with the OBEP contact
Jacob Tilson
Emergency Programs Manager
Oak Bay Emergency Program (OBEP)
250.592.9121 ext. 7504