Parks Booking

Oak Bay Parks Services is located at 1771 Elgin Road, Victoria, V8R 5L7

Field Booking Line:

Fax Line:

Email: Manager, Parks Services

Email: Parks Clerk

How to Book a Park or Field

Please email the Oak Bay Parks Department for all Field and Parks Permit Bookings.  Please note the following information will be required:

  • The name of your organization
  • The event coordinator’s name and contact information
  • The type of function
  • The date and time
  • The number of people who are anticipated to attend
  • Proof of liability insurance

Cost of bookings

  • Field Rental Fee – Youth Regular (per hour) - $8.75
  • Field Rental Fee – Adult Regular (per hour - $17.50
  • General Parks Permits - $17.50/hr.
  • Tournaments/Special Events - $80.00/day
  • Weddings - $130.25 (up to 4hrs).
Park Use Guidelines
  • At no time can the public be denied use of the park.
  • The use of bird seed, confetti, or rice is discouraged.
  • Only gas/propane barbeques are permitted.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Bring a copy of your Rental Permit to your event with you.
  • All waste and debris must be removed after the event. Materials are strongly recommended to be recycled if possible.
  • Booking fees are non-refundable unless the time slot can be rebooked.
  • The use of an amplifying system or loudspeaker in a park must be pre-approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • No person shall a) give private instruction, b) operate a recreational program, or c) operate, stage, or present a tournament except with written permission from the Commission.
  • The use of tents must be approved by the Commission.
  • All sales must be approved by Oak Bay Council.
Outdoor Weddings

Oak Bay provides stunning locations for outdoor weddings.

Permits may be issued for weddings at the following Parks:
Cost (per four hours) $130.25

Anderson Hill – 530 Island Rd.

  • Maximum attendance 50
  • No weddings to be held in the park between January and June
  • Restricted Parking

Lokier Gardens – Estevan Ave and Musgrave St.

  • Maximum attendance 75-100
  • On-street parking (can be limited)

Queen’s Park – 1371 Beach Dr.

  • Maximum attendance 100
  • On-street parking and additional parking at Oak Bay Marina

Rose Garden – 2451 Windsor Rd. (at Windsor Park

  • Maximum attendance 75
  • On-street parking

Willows Park – 2740 Dalhousie St.

  • Weddings may be held on the beach or greenspace.


Allotment Gardens

The Municipality has 27 allotment gardens adjacent to Bowker Creek on Monteith Street available for Oak Bay residents to cultivate for a nominal fee.

There is a large demand for the current allotment gardens so there may not be one immediately available.

If you wish to be placed on the waitlist, please call 250-592-7275.

Allotment Booking Fees:

Small Allotment: $47.50 per calendar year

Large Allotment: $70.50 per calendar year

Booking Windsor Park Tennis Courts


Tennis Courts

Daylight One hour:
• $9.50 
April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024

• $10.00
April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025

Outdoor Tennis Courts
(3 hard courts)


Tennis and Pickleball Program Supervisor