The waters surrounding Oak Bay offer some of the best fishing spots in the region. Some local tips:

Trial Islands

Summer spring salmon May to September; halibut when tides are slower by anchor at depths of 100-200 feet. 

Oak Bay Rocks

Halibut by anchor at slow tides only.  Exercise caution and watch for shipping lane traffic.

Constance Bank

Excellent winter fishing at 80-200 feet depths from November to May;  Halibut at 60 - 300 feet. This area can be drift-fished, but anchoring is preferred, and only in slow tides.

Border Bank

Winter spring salmon are found November to May;  halibut at 90 - 300 feet depths. 

Middle Bank

Halibut and rockfish. Several areas here are closed for fishing in Rockfish Conservation Area (RCA).  Please refer to the GPS. This area can be fished for winter spring salmon from November to May.  Be aware of the nearby Canada/USA border. Anchoring is best in this area, but it can be drift-fished.

Chatham and Discovery Islands

Rockfish, winter spring salmon from November to May, and halibut on almost every pinnacle. There are very strong currents, so anchor with caution and watch for shipping lane traffic. 

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