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Find out who to talk to at Recreation Oak Bay. Our Staff Directory includes names and phone numbers of key individuals at each facility and within each of our departments (Administration and Finance, Human Resources, Programs, Food Services, Maintenance and Parks. As well as contacts for tennis court bookings, the Duffer Hockey/Soccer Reservation line and private swim and skate lessons.

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Facility Locations

Oak Bay Recreation Centre
1975 Bee Street, Victoria BC, V8R 5E6

Henderson Recreation Centre
2291 Cedar Hill X Road, Victoria BC, V8P 5H9

Monterey Recreation Centre
1442 Monterey Avenue, Victoria BC, V8S 4W1

Neighbourhood Learning Centre
2121 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria BC, V8R 5G4

Windsor Pavilion
2451 Windsor Road, Victoria BC, V8S 5H3

Community Contacts

Find Oak Bay Community Group contacts here. Many community groups and associations call Oak Bay home while providing a wide variety of public service for all ages from the arts to sport to community service.

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Donation Requests are accepted in writing, preferably on letterhead, stating the name of the non-profit organization, the date that the donation is required, and the purpose of the donation.

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