Garden Waste & Leaf Collection

The Municipality provides an annual curbside garden refuse pickup service. This is an opportunity to dispose of garden refuse, such as tree prunings, which are not easily transported to the Public Works Yard.

All garden refuse,  to a maximum volume of 3 cubic metres per property in total, must be placed on the boulevard by 8:00 am on the annual collection  day designated on the Curbside Garbage/Recycle Schedule.  Material must not exceed 5’ in length and 3” in diameter.  Material may be placed in a loose pile,  but not in plastic bags.  Stumps, wood, rocks or soil will not be collected.  Material may be placed on the boulevard a maximum 10 days prior to scheduled pickup.

Leaf collection service

Starting in mid October and continuing until the end of December,  residents  may place leaves on the boulevard to be collected by the Municipality.   Leaves must not be placed in location that will block street drains.   DO NOT place leaves on the street or in the gutters, where they pose a hazard to cyclists and other road users.  The leaf collection program is for leaves only.   No branches, grass, or other garden waste will be collected.