Oak Bay is committed to principles of environmental sustainability and so policies and programs are periodically reviewed to ensure goals are being met. Many issues such as ocean waters, streams, and air quality are regional in nature; in these instances, most studies and reports are performed in alignment with other regional municipalities through the Capital Regional District (CRD) - these reports can be found on the CRD Website.

Oak Bay-specific reports related to sustainability are available for download below. Copies of these documents are also available for purchase from Corporate Services at the Municipal Hall - please contact us in advance to request a copy available for pickup during regular business hours.


eel grass urban forest strategy
Community Climate Action Working Group

The Community Climate Action Working Group (CCAWG) was created in late 2019 in response to direction from Council to consider a series of recommendations to address climate change.  The Group was formed from the Advisory Planning Commission, consisting of a total of nine members including Councillor Appleton as Chair.  The first meeting of the CCAWG was held in November 2019 and concluded in March 2020, consisting of a total of five regular meetings and one day long workshop, each of which included a public input component.   

The sole mandate of the CCAWG was to serve as an advisory body to Council to develop up to five (5) recommendations for Community Climate Action Projects for Council to consider as part of the 2020 - 2022 strategic planning and budget processes.  The scope of their work included recommendations for community projects, programs, events, or other options for Council consideration to maximize the impacts on climate change through, for example, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improving carbon sequestration, and addressing mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change, all within reasonable parameters of potential costs and municipal resources. 

Memorandum from Councillor Appleton - Climate Action Budget Recommendations - March 16, 2020

Community Climate Action Working Group Recommendations

Agendas and Minutes:

March 3, 2020:

February 4, 2020:

January 18, 2020:

January 7, 2020:

December 3, 2019:

November 19, 2019: