Frequently Asked Questions

My garbage or recycling wasn't picked up on my regular collection day.  Whom should I call?

For household garbage (grey tote) please call the Public Works Yard at 250-598-4501.  The Yard is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm,  and Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, excluding holidays.

For all kitchen waste/curbside organics, call GFL Environmental at 250-474-5145.

For all recycling collection please call the Capital Regional District  collection contractor Emterra at 250-385-4399.

I live in an apartment. Does the District provide waste and recycling services to condos and apartment buildings?

Yes, we provide waste and recycling services to condos and apartment buildings with up to 10 suites. Please contact Oak Bay Public Works at 250-598-4501 for more information.

What happens to waste & recycling collection in the winter when there is snow and ice?

In the event of hazardous road conditions due to snow and/or ice, the Municipality may find it necessary,  in the interest of public safety, to authorize temporary cancellation of garbage, kitchen scraps and recyclable collection.

If this occurs and the collection day is missed, collection for garbage and kitchen waste will resume as soon as possible.  Please leave the totes at the curbside. Recycling collection will occur on the following scheduled collection day.

Can I put dog waste in the garbage?

Yes, however it must be tightly wrapped in a biodegradable bag.

I have more than one container of garbage. What do I do?

Residential property owners may take one garbage tote to the curbside (140 litres in size).

For an extra fee, up to two (2) additional containers (72 litres each) may be collected per collection day with appropriate number of garbage tickets attached.

1st can = 2 tickets

2nd can = 3 tickets

(5 tickets in total)

Extra tickets may be purchased at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre front counter, at a cost of $0.75 each. 

What materials have been banned from the garbage?

These items are banned from CRD Hartland landfill and will not be collected as garbage.  Please view Hazardous Materials.

Are there any special pickups during the year?

The Municipality provides an annual curbside garden refuse pickup and leaf collection service. For more information about this service, please view Garden Waste and Leaf Collection.