Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

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Curbside Collection

Please Click Here for a helpful PDF document explaining what can be left curbside on collection day, as well as the answers to many commonly asked questions.

My garbage or recycling wasn't picked up on my regular collection day.  Whom should I call?

For household garbage (grey tote) please call the Public Works Yard at 250-598-4501. 

For all kitchen waste/curbside organics, call GFL Environmental at 250-474-5145.

For all recycling collection please call the Capital Regional District GFL Environmental at 236-470-0186.

What happens to waste & recycling collection in the winter when there is snow and ice?

In the event of hazardous road conditions due to snow and/or ice, the Municipality may find it necessary,  in the interest of public safety, to authorize temporary cancellation of garbage, kitchen scraps and recyclable collection.

If this occurs and the collection day is missed, collection for garbage and kitchen waste will resume as soon as possible.  Please leave the totes at the curbside. Recycling collection will occur on the following scheduled collection day.

Can I put dog waste in the garbage?

Yes, however it must be tightly wrapped in a biodegradable bag.

I have more than one container of garbage. What do I do?

Residential property owners may take one garbage tote to the curbside (140 litres in size). There are two options for residents who need additional garbage picked up:

  • 140 litre garbage container: One additional 140 litre regulation garbage container may be picked up with additional garbage tickets attached. A 140 litre container requires 5 tickets.
  • Two securely closed garbage bags: A maximum of two securely closed impermeable garbage bags (having dimensions not exceeding 100 cm x 75 cm), placed adjacent to the regulation garbage container. The first bag requires 2 tickets and the second bag requires 3 tickets. 

Extra tickets may be purchased at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre front counter or at the Oak Bay Municipal Hall, at a cost of $0.75 each. 

What materials have been banned from the garbage?

These items are banned from CRD Hartland landfill and will not be collected as garbage.  Please view Hazardous Materials.

Are there any special pickups during the year?

The Municipality provides an annual curbside garden refuse pickup and leaf collection service. For more information about this service, please view Garden Waste and Leaf Collection.

What is the Green Tote used for?

The green wheeled tote is used for curbside organic waste. Please Click Here for a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be included.

What is the Blue Tote used for?

The blue wheeled tote contents may include paper, junk mail, newspapers, cereal boxes, and magazines. DO NOT include cardboard,soiled or foiled papers. Mixed waste paper will only be picked up at curbside if contained in a blue wheeled tote

What is the Grey Tote used for?

This includes all items that cannot be recycled or composted in other totes or boxes, except items thatare banned from the CRD Hartland landfill. For more detailed information please visit their Website.

What time do I have to have my Totes out by?

All residential households that have garbage, kitchen waste/curbside organics and recyclablespicked up by the Municipality must bring the totes and blue boxes to the curbside on collectionday by 7:30 am. All residents receiving curbside service must have specially designed wheeledtotes that are sold by Oak Bay Public Works.

I moved from another Municipality can I use store bought garbage cans?

All residential households that have garbage, kitchen waste/curbside organics and recyclables picked up by the Municipality must have specially designed wheeled totes that are sold by OakBay Public Works. Totes can be purchased from the Public Works Yard, 1771 Elgin Road, overthe telephone at 250-598-4501 Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

What happens if my rolling tote breaks?

Totes are replaced by the Municipality if they are less than 5 years old and significantly damaged. Totes that are older than 5 years old and need replacing can be purchased through Public Works at 250-598-4501.

How do I recycle Corrugated Cardboard if I cannot put it in my Blue Tote?

Corrugated Cardboard should be flattened and cut or folded to dimensions not greater than 18 inches x 36 inches. Bundles ofcardboard should be tied together with twine or string (not tape or wire). Please place bundled cardboardat the curb
beside the blue box.

Do I need to keep my glass seperate?

Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate from your other containers. An old plastic tub or pail can be used to contain yourclean glass containers. Cardboard boxes and paper bags are NOT suitable receptacles for your glass containers.Check the CRD Blue-Box Webpage for current complete listing of acceptable materials.

What can go in my smaller blue boxes?

Rigid plastic packaging from consumer goods (e.g. electronics, tools), food (e.g. salads, baked goods), rigid plastic containers (e.g. milk jugs, yogurt and margarine containers, shampoo/liquid soap bottles, cleaning productcontainers, pill/vitamin bottles, clean plant pots), plastic and metal lids. aluminum and tin cans, foil and foil plates (no food residue), paper packaging containing liquids when sold (e.g. paper take-out cups and milk cartons). Check the CRD Blue-Box Webpage for current complete listing of acceptable materials.

What can't I recycle?

NO plastic bags or Styrofoam. NO containers used for pesticides, herbicides, paint, solvent, fuel, motor oil, lubricants, caustic cleaning products or any hazardrous materials. 

Oak Bay Municipal Yard Recycle and Transfer Station

Please Click Here for a helpful PDF document explaining how to access the Oak Bay Municipal Yard Recycle and Transfer Station, as well as the answers to many commonly asked questions.

Where is the Municipal Yard?

The Municipal Yard's Recycle and Transfer Station is located at 1771 Elgin Road.

What hours can I access the Municipal Yard Recycle and Transfer Station?

Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.
Saturday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, excluding holidays.

Who can access the yard?

The Depot is accessible only to residents and non resident property owners of Oak Bay. Residents must obtain a Decal to be able to use the facility, all vehicles arechecked when using the facility to ensure compliance with the District's Bylaw.

How do I obtain a decal?

To be eligible for a decal, your vehicle MUST be registered to an Oak Bayaddress. Simply visit the friendly staff at the Drop-Off Depot with your vehicleinsurance papers to be issued your decal. Decals expire every 5 years, so you willneed to visit the office to get a new decal upon expiry.

But what if my car isn't insured to an Oak Bay Address?

Residents or non resident property owners without vehicle insurance associatedwith an Oak Bay address can still access the Recycle and Transfer Station, butthey will not be eligible for a decal. Simply produce a Property Tax Bill andanother piece of identification to the attendant on site, and you will be able to usethe facilities.

What if my gardener wants to access the facilities?

Commercial gardeners and businesses are only permitted to access the facilities if you are in the vehicle with them and can produce a Property Tax Bill and another piece of identification to the attendant on site.

What if I need to borrow someone's vehicle to transport my garbage, recycling or garden waste to the Depot?

Simply produce a Property Tax bill and another piece of identification to the attendant on site and you will be able to access the facilities.

What can be dropped off at the Depot?

Garbage securely fastened in plastic bags

  • Yard trimmings, grass, leaves, (branches must be less than 3 feet in length
  • Leftover paint, and empty paint cans
  • Plastic containers and rigid plastic packaging, clean plastic shopping bags
  • Corrugated cardboard (must be flattened)
  • Mixed paper, newspaper, boxboard
  • Small metal items, except fridges and freezers
  • Propane tanks
  • Household batteries

What do I do if I have items to recycle that are not accepted at the Oak Bay Public Works Drop-Off-Depot?

Additional recycling options are available for items not included in Oak Bayrecycling and organics pickup or drop-off programs. These include materials such as:

  • electronics
  • styrofoam chips
  • mattresses
  • other

These services are available at CRD Hartland Landfill and/or provided in thecommunity by 3rd parties. Note that these organizations are not part of themunicipal recycling program and may charge a fee to dispose or recylables. Information on Hartland/CRD recycling and recycling pilot programs can be found on their Website.

Schedules and location information on the monthly community drop-offs in and near Oak Bay are available through the Pacific Mobile Depot Website.

I still have questions who do I contact?

Call the friendly staff at the Municipal Yard at 250-598-4501 and they will be more than happy to help.