Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Please note that the Municipal Hall EV charging station will not be accessible from February 2021 until late August 2021 during the Municipal Hall renovation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

There is a dual Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at the Oak Bay Municipal Hall parking lot located at 2167 Oak Bay Avenue. This station has been partially funded by the Province of British Columbia.

Currently District of Oak Bay is offering use of this charging station, free of charge, for those doing business at Municipal Hall.

This particular charging station is considered a Level 2 and is the most common type using 220/240 volts. This station is free of charge until March 31, 2018. Many of these charging stations have been installed in the Capital Regional District and across Canada.

This particular station was made by Addengergie in Quebec. 

There are three ways to use this charging station:

  1. Mobile Application: VERnetwork is a charging station network that connects and manages over 600 charging stations across Canada. For a comprehensive guide on downloading, registering and launching the application, please click here.
  2. Web Portal: Register and order your idVER card for a fee of $10.00.
  3. Credit Card: Used for identification purposes only - the credit card is NOT charged - simply swipe on the charger and follow the instructions.

To register with the VERnetwork web portal and order an idVER card:

  1. Go to the VERnetwork website at www.reseauver.com.
  2. Create a VERnetwork account by clicking on the REGISTER button located at top right corner of the screen and follow instructions.
  3. After creating an account the web portal will provide you the opportunity to purchase an idVER card at a cost of $10.00. This card will permit you to charge your vehicle, for free, at any of the VERnetwork charging station locations.
  4. Once you receive your idVER card swipe it in front of the reader of one of the chargers and follow the instructions the charger will provide you.

If you have any questions, please call (250) 598-2042, ext 7423.

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