Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There are three Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at the municipal facilities throughout Oak Bay.

  • Municipal Hall - 2167 Oak Bay Avenue. This station has been partially funded by the Province of British Columbia.
  • Oak Bay Recreation Centre (On Goldsmith Street)
  • Henderson Recreation Centre

The District charges $1/hour user fee for the charging stations to cover the installation fees and electricity cost and encourage turnover. All vehicles that are in the charging zone must be actively charging to be able to park in the spot. To ensure maximum availability of these spaces, non-electric vehicles and vehicles that are not actively charging can be ticketed for parking in the charging zone. Drivers must obey all posted time limits for how long a vehicle may remain parked at the charging station.

To use these charging stations, a driver must be a member of the Flo Network – and either use a Flo Card or the Flo App on their smartphone. For more information on the Flo Network, please visit: www.flo.com

If you have any questions, please contact municipal hall at 250-598-3311

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