Volunteer Committees

Oak Bay Council establishes working groups, standing committees, and standing commissions to provide advisory services or board oversight in different areas. The complete list of standing groups is provided below. 

The recent recruitment was for an interim, short-term, appointment that will be ending June 30, 2020 and appointments to advsiory bodies were made to meet Committee and Commission minimum membership requirements.  A fulsome recruitment process for all membership positions is anticipated to be conducted mid-year 2020, as Council completes revisions to its Committees and Commissions structures, mandates, procedures, and orientation process.  The public will be notified of the application period through advertisements placed in the Oak Bay News, notices posted to the District's public notice boards, website, and social media.  

We encourage anyone interested in participating in the community to consider volunteering on one of our committees or working groups.  Special projects will also come up throughout the year. Questions regarding the recruitment process or serving on an Oak Bay Advisory Committee may be directed to the office of the Director of Corporate Services. This office can be reached at 250-598-3311 or via email at smorden@oakbay.ca.