Oak Bay is a dog-friendly community, and along with responsible ownership, a good balance is maintained between the needs of dogs and the broader community. This section provides all dog-related information in one convenient location. 

The Oak Bay Animal Control Bylaw requires all dog owners to obtain a license for pets and a "poop and scoop" law is in effect throughout the Municipality.

Dog Licences

All dogs over the age of four months must be licenced every year with the District of Oak Bay. Reduced fees are in place for spayed/neutered dogs. Dog licenses and further information is available at Oak Bay Municipal Hall or the dog licensing page.

Oak Bay sends out Licence Renewals each year in January, when pet tags must be renewed. Please remember to notify the municipality of any changes in contact information, or if there is no longer a pet in the household.

Dog Pound

The dog control regulations are enforced by:
Victoria Animal Control Services Ltd.
564 David Street
Victoria BC, V8T 2C8
Phone: 250-414-0233

Dog Waste

Dog waste can contribute to the spread of disease and produces a noxious environment. All dog feces must be picked up and disposed of by the dog owner.

Do not allow dog feces to enter the storm drains, as this can lead to contamination of local beaches with serious health implications.


Common bylaw violations include

Bylaw No. 4013, Animal Control Bylaw, 1999:

  • No License Tag on Dog $50.00
  • Unlicensed Dog $50.00
  • More Than 2 Dogs $50.00
  • Unconfined Female Dog in Heat $50.00
  • Failure to Provide Information $50.00
  • Noisy Dog $50.00
  • Dog at Large $50.00
  • Failure to Remove Excrement $50.00
  • Prohibited Deposit of Excrement $50.00
  • Unleashed Dog – Uplands Park $50.00
  • Unleashed Dog in Park $50.00
  • Dog in prohibited location $50.00
  • Unleashed Dog on Street $50.00
  • Unleashed Dog on Public School Grounds $50.00
  • Vicious Dog $200.00
  • Unmuzzled Vicious Dog $200.00

Exploring Oak Bay with your dog

Whether looking for a new park to visit or a new trail to walk, check out the District's Animal Control Bylaw to see the rules and regulations throughout Oak Bay.

Below are a set of links to dog-relevant bylaws:

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