Oak Bay Recreation Centre

Oak Bay Recreation Centre
1975 Bee Street, Victoria BC, V8R 5E6


The Oak Bay Aquatics Facilities are currently closed due to a pipe leak. There is a good indication of where the water is leaking from in the main line. However, the repair will require some excavation. This will allow staff to also examine the full extent of the problem. Once repaired, the area will need re-cementing and re-tiling. The curing of the cement means the pool will be closed most likely until the New Year. The exact date is unknown at this time.

Facilities closed includes both pools, hot tub, sauna, and steam room.

We apologize for the interruption this has caused to swimmers and are working hard to get the pool up and running as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Whether you are looking for a place to exercise, to improve your well being or to enjoy recreational activities with your family or friends the Oak Bay Recreation Centre is the place for you!

The centre offers many leisure opportunities, including swimming, skating, hockey, tennis and drop-in soccer, as well as healthy options for exercise and a wide range of aquatic, fitness and rehabilitation programs. After your activity enjoy some delicious food upstairs in the Sports View Deli Bar & Grill.

At the Oak Bay Recreation Centre there is something for everyone!

Facility Hours

Reception Everyday 6am-12midnight
Fitness Studio Monday-Friday 6am-12midnight
Saturday & Sunday 6am-11pm
Pool Everyday 6am-12:30am


Reception: 250-595-7946
Director, Parks and Recreation 250-370-7102
Manager, Recreation Program Services 250-370-7121
Manager, Administrative Services 250-370-7118
Human Resources 250-370-7123
Administrative Clerk/Human Resources 250-370-7126
Account Payables/Receivables/Subsidies 250-370-7125
Marketing 250-370-7129
Supervisor (Acting), Reception Services 250-370-7105
Aquatics Coordinator 250-370-7108
Aquatics Programmer (Alana Marks) 250-370-7111
Aquatics Programmer (Jennifer Beresford) 250-370-7106
Fitness Supervisor 250-370-7120
Fitness (Acting) Programmer 250-370-7117
Sports Coordinator 250-370-7113
Sports (Acting) Programmer 250-370-7114
Tennis Program Supervisor 250-370-7109
Food Services/Sports View Deli Bar & Grill:
Supervisor, Food Services/Catering 250-370-7112
Facility Operations Coordinator 250-370-7116