Walking & Cycling

Oak Bay, located about 3 km from downtown Victoria, is ideal for walking and cycling. The main commercial Village centre is situated on Oak Bay Ave, with secondary areas located on Estevan Ave, Cadboro Bay Road, and Foul Bay Road. Other small commercial pockets exist throughout the community, all within easy walking or cycling distance of local homes. Major regional institutions, such as the University of Victoria and the Royal Jubilee Hospital are situated either within or adjacent to the municipal border.


Most of Oak Bay is made up of quiet residential streets, almost all within a short stroll of local neighbourhood cafes, shops, and services. Take time to explore the many laneways, pathways, and scenic routes within Oak Bay. 

See the Walking Trails Map to enjoy one of the many walking routes in Oak Bay, including the 10km "Centennial Trail" created in celebration of Oak Bay's 100th anniversary.

Visit the Interactive Parks Search Tool, and select "Scenic Views" as the park amenity. It's a short list of great views around Oak Bay with descriptions of each park; selecting additional amenities, such as picnic tables or trails, can shorten the list.


A mild coastal climate makes cycling pleasant almost every day of the year. The community has picturesque residential streets where cyclists of all ages can ride with minimal car traffic. There are also dozens of laneways and pathways for even quieter exploration. A spectacular scenic seaside cycling route extends along Beach Drive, suitable for both advanced and casual cyclists.

Three major east-west cycle commuting routes link Oak Bay to downtown Victoria, running along Haultain Street, along Fort Street, and along McNeil/Richardson Street. Two major north-south routes run along Foul Bay Road North of Cadboro Bay Road, and through the Elgin/Florence/Henderson road corridor. Several arterial roads have been upgraded with bike lanes and bike route makers, and planning is underway for further improvements. The Municipality has identified the upgrade of municipal infrastructure to support active transportation modes as a strategic priority.

The busiest arterial roads are Oak Bay Avenue, Foul Bay Road, Cadboro Bay Road, Lansdowne Road, Cedar Hill Cross Road, north Henderson Road, and Beach Drive/King George Terrace.

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