The following infobase is not the official version of the Consolidated Bylaws of the District of Oak Bay. The Municipality does not warrant the accuracy, or completeness of this electronic version of the Bylaws and in no event will the Municipality be liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of their use.

4008 Administrative Charges Bylaw
4647 Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw
4751 Alternative Tax Collection Scheme Bylaw, 2020
4013 Animal Control Bylaw
3210 Anti-Noise Bylaw
4183 Board of Variance Bylaw



Boulevard Frontage Tax Bylaw 1982 (Consolidated)

Boulevard Frontage Tax Bylaw (2020)

4247 Building and Plumbing Bylaw
3832 Burglar Alarm Bylaw
3603 Business Licence Bylaw
3550 Driveway Access Bylaw, 1987
4284 Elections and Voting Bylaw, 2005


Financial Plan Bylaw, 2020

4720 Fire Regulation Bylaw
4375 Fireworks Regulation Bylaw
3829 Hazardous Tree and Shrub Bylaw
4222 Heritage Register Procedure Bylaw
4550 Heritage Commission Establishment Bylaw 2011
4653 Land Use Procedures and Fees Bylaw

Low Speed Electric-Powered Vehicle Authorization Bylaw


Oak Bay Marina Operating Lease Bylaw, 1993

Schedule A


Rent Summary

Legal Description Schedule

Special Proviso Schedule

Fee Schedule

Sketch Plan

Servicing Agreement

Landscape Maintenance Plan

Floating Boat Brokerage

Section 215 Covenant

Schedule B


Oak Bay Official Community Plan Bylaw 

Oak Bay Official Community Plan

Oak Bay Official Community Plan - Schedules

Appendix A: The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area Guidelines

3137 Oak Bay Parks and Recreation Commission Bylaw
4144 Oil Burning Equipment and Fuel Tank Regulation
4672 Parks and Beaches Bylaw
3540 Parking Facilities Bylaw
4518 Pesticide Regulation Bylaw, 2011
4052 Procedure Bylaw, 1999
4737 Property Tax Exemption Bylaw, 2019
3891 Public Sewer Bylaw



Refuse Collection and Disposal Bylaw, 2007

Refuse Collection and Disposal Bylaw (2017)

3152 Regulation of Power Saws Bylaw
3938 Rubbish and Weed Control Bylaw
3536 Screens and Fences Bylaw



Sign Bylaw

Sign Bylaw Amendment - Election Signage 2017

3805 Smoke Alarm Installation Bylaw
4100 Streets and Traffic Bylaw
3578 Subdivision and Development Bylaw
4744 Sewer User Charge Bylaw 2020 Rates
3952 Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw
4753 Tax Rates Bylaw, 2020
4742 Tree Protection Bylaw
3545 Uplands Regulations Bylaw




Water Rates Bylaw

Water Rate Bylaw for 2020

Water Rate Bylaw Amendment No. 1, 2020

3531 Zoning Bylaw
3531 Zoning Map



Other Applicable Legislation:

Oak Bay Special Powers Act, 1935