Home Owner Grants

Municipalities are no longer accepting applications for the Home Owner Grant Program

The Home Owner Grant Program is handled by the Province of British Columbia.  This has not changed the eligibility criteria for the program.

What this means:

• The Province is entirely responsible for the home owner grant program.
• All home owners will apply directly to the Province online or over the phone.
• As of Jan. 1, 2021, Municipalities will no longer accept retroactive or new applications for the grant.  Please go to www.gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant or call 250-387-0555 for assistance.

Having the centralized administration of the Home Owner Grant Program:

• Ensures homeowners receive the grant amount they are eligible for, such as the additional grant for seniors or persons with a disability.
• Automates the approval process for grants resulting in quicker application processing – this will help prevent ineligible homeowners from being penalized for late property tax payment.
• Increases tax compliance, ensuring people are paying the right amount of tax.