Active Transportation in Oak Bay

A key pillar in Council’s 2022-26 Transportation priority, Active Transportation is a healthy, affordable, and efficient way to explore and travel through our community.

Current Projects

  • McNeill Avenue: Phase one will consist of traffic calming measures from Falkland Road to Transit Avenue. Phase two stretches from Foul Bay Road to Falkland Rd. Plans for this phase will be brought back to Council at a later date. 
  • Henderson Neighbourhood Bikeway: A cycling route connecting Oak Bay Ave, Oak Bay High School, Oak Bay Recreation to Henderson Road’s existing cycling infrastructure. 
  • Haultain-Estevan Neighbourhood Bikeway: A cycling route connecting Willows Beach, Estevan Village and Cadboro Bay’s commercial district.  
  • Pedestrian Master Plan and Sidewalk Condition: A Pedestrian Master Plan and Sidewalk Condition Assessment will be brought to Council in Q2 2024. 

Upcoming Projects

With the recent 2023 Active Transportation Strategy Review and Implementation Options, future Active Transportation Projects have been proposed and are outlined below. 

At the March 25, 2024 Council meeting, Council directed staff to proceed with the implmentation of active transportation projects on nine priority routes. 

These routes include:

  • Cedar Hill Cross Road Multi-use Trail 
  • Cadboro Bay Road Community Route 
  • Henderson Road/Foul Bay Road Commuter Route 
  • Oak Bay Avenue Commuter Route 
  • Lansdowne Road Commuter Route 
  • Bowker Avenue Commuter Route 
  • Central Oak Bay Neighbourhood Bikeway 
  • McNeill Avenue-Beach Drive Neighbourhood Bikeway 
  • Oak Bay Ave-Beach Drive Neighbourhood Bikeway 

Next Steps

  1. Staff will bring a report back to Council in Q2 2024 for endorsement on the order in which the projects will be built. 

  2. Following Council’s decision, staff will begin preliminary design work, including consultation with the community. 

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