Weekly Media Release - Fire Department

February 10, 2015

Oak Bay Fire Department

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News Release
Date: February 10, 2015                                                            OBFD file # 2015-06

For Immediate Release:
Weekly Media Release for Monday, February 2, 2015 to Sunday, February 8, 2015.
Over the past week, Oak Bay Fire Department members responded to 37 calls for assistance.
These calls for assistance include:

21 – Medical First Responder Requests
8 – Commercial / Residential Alarm Activations
3 – Public Assistance
2 – Motor Vehicle Incident
2 – Natural Gas / Propane
1 – Marine Rescue

Burn Prevention Tips


•Never leave cooking unattended.
•Keep the stovetop and oven clean; grease and debris buildup can ignite easily.
•Keep stove area clear of flammable materials, including oven mitts, paper or cloth towels.
•Dishtowels should never be hung on the oven door.
•Do not place or spray aerosols near an open flame.
•Cook on back burners and turn pot handles in to prevent accidental spillage.
•Wear close fitting clothes and roll up sleeves. Turn stovetop flames off before reaching above the stove.

Microwaves Ovens

•Use only containers designed for microwave use.
•Allow food to cool before removing it from the microwave.
•Prevent steam burns by removing lids carefully. Stir thoroughly to distribute heat evenly.
•Never microwave a baby bottle.

Kid’s Corner

•Create a “kid free zone” around the stove/oven.
•Do not allow appliance cords to dangle within reach of small children.
•Keep hot liquids out of reach of children.
•Do not use tablecloths or placemats when small children are present.
•Do not cook at the stove, eat or drink hot foods while holding a child.
•Keep children out of the kitchen during hectic meal preparations. Assign older children to be responsible for younger children during this time if necessary.
• Store all matches and lighters up high, out of children's reach.
•Use child resistant lighters.


•Set water heaters at 120° F. Anything higher puts those in your household, especially small children and the elderly, at risk for scald injuries.
•Do not use hairdryers or other electrical appliances near the sink or a full tub.
•When preparing a bath for small children, remember to keep the water temperature no more than 101º F as their skin is more sensitive to heat. Have
  the children test the water themselves before getting in.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the burn prevention tips provided please feel free to contact the Oak Bay Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division – (250)-592-9121.