Media Release - Fire Department

January 25, 2016

Oak Bay Fire Department 
703 Monterey Avenue, Oak Bay B.C. V8R 5V6 (250) 592-9121
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News Release
Date: January 25, 2016                                                   OBFD file # 2016-04

For Immediate Release:
Weekly Media Release for the period of Monday, January 18, 2016 to Sunday, January 24, 2016.  Over the past week, Oak Bay Fire Department members responded to 40 calls for assistance.

These calls for assistance included:

   20 – Medical Aid 
   9 – Residential / Commercial Alarm Bells 
   4 – Public Assistance
   1 – Motor Vehicle Fire
   1 – Electrical Wires Down
   1 – Unknown Odour
   2 – Rescue
   2 – Smoke in a Structure


 Clothes Dryer Safety:

  • Have your dryer installed and serviced by a professional.
  • Do not use the dryer without a lint trap (filter).
  • Clean out the dryer’s lint filter before each use of the dryer.Remove the lint that has collected around the drum.
  • Clean lint out of the vent pipe quarterly or more often if you notice that it is taking longer than usual for your clothes to dry, or have a dryer lint removal service to it for you.
  • Rigid or flexible metal venting material should be used to sustain proper air flow and drying time to reduce the risk of fore or fire spread.
  • Make sure the air exhaust vent pipe is not restricted and the outdoor vent flap will open when the dryer is operating.
  • Make sure the right plug and wall outlet are used and the machine is connected properly.
  • Keep dryers in good working order. Gas dryers should be inspected by a professional to make sure the gas line and connection are intact and free of leaks.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Do not overload the dryer.
  • Turn off the dryer when you leave home or go to bed.

If you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact the Fire Prevention Division of the Oak Bay Fire Department – 250-592-9121.