Commercial Vehicle Licenses

Under the Local Government Act, municipalities are able to offset expenses related to the commercial use of vehicles on their roads by participating in the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Program

Commercial Truck Loading Zones

A Municipal Decal allows only commercial trucks with license plates bearing four numbers and two letters to stop in a Commercial Truck Loading Zone to a maximum of what the sign states, for the purpose of loading or unloading only.

  • Municipal Decals must be current (calendar year)
  • Decals must be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle

Vehicles that do not display a valid Municipal Decal will be ticketed.

The decal cost is as follows:

  • up to 2800 kg - $25.00
  • 2801kg to 11800kg - $30.00
  • 11801kg to 20000kg - $35.00
  • Over 20000kg - $40.00

Current commercial vehicle  insurance is required to purchase a decal.