Urban Deer Population Control Presentation Summary

January 27, 2015

A presentation summary on Urban Deer Population Control was reviewed at the Council meeting on January 26, 2015. This summary was developed by Dr. Helen Schwantje, Provincial Wildlife Veterinarian, and was originally presented at the Provincial Urban Deer Workshop in early January of 2015.

The presentation summary reviews the issues with respect to hyper-abundant deer populations and describes 6 direct methods of population control, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

A redacted version of the presentation is available below, in which images that may be disturbing in nature have been removed. If you wish to access the version of the presentation that contains these images, please contact the office of the Municipal Clerk (250-598-3311).

Urban Deer Population Control – Direct Methods - Presentation Summary January 2015

More information on the Regional Deer Management Strategy can be found on the CRD’s website here and on Oak Bay’s website here.