Reconstruction of Bowker Creek at Oak Bay High School

July 3, 2015


Restoration of a section of Bowker Creek that flows along the Oak Bay High School (OBHS) property is set to begin this month. Crews will start by clearing out existing bushes and trees that are mostly invasive and do not contribute to a healthy creek environment. They will be replaced in the fall once work inside the creek is complete.

The Bowker Creek Initiative (BCI), supported by the Capital Regional District (CRD), has developed a Blueprint to guide the overall restoration of the Bowker Creek Watershed. This project is one of 10 shortterm actions. Restoration will significantly improve overall creek health by improving water quality, habitat and flow conveyance. Restoration will also decrease downstream flooding and improve climate adaptability. The District of Oak Bay has secured $738,000 in funding for this restoration project. Project funding is provided by the Federal Gas Tax fund.

“This project will significantly transform the section of Bowker Creek that flows along the Oak Bay High School property,” said Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen, CRD Board Chair. “We are looking forward to seeing not only the restored creek, but also a new community greenspace and outdoor classroom that will let everyone learn more about this great natural amenity.”

Project features include a winding creek that mimics a more natural water course, native plantings, an accessible pathway, a viewing area and an outdoor classroom. An environmental plan is being followed to ensure construction does not negatively affect the creek downstream. In September, crews will be planting the creek along with participating OBHS students and community members. Look for opportunities to get involved in this significant restoration achievement!

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The Bowker Creek Urban Watershed Renewal Initiative (BCI) is a collaboration between local governments, community groups, institutions and private citizens to improve the health of Bowker Creek and its watershed. The partners in the BCI have come together to assist with and coordinate the efforts of the District of Saanich, the City of Victoria, and the District of Oak Bay and other agencies and interests in implementing the Bowker Creek Watershed Management Plan and the Bowker Creek Blueprint.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Nils Jensen, CRD Board Chair and Mayor, District of Oak Bay

Cell: 250.882.0549