Deer Awareness During Fawning Season

June 16, 2015

The District has received several reports from residents regarding aggressive deer behaviour. Do not approach deer or their fawns. Does (female deer) can be aggressive once fawns are born and will instinctively protect their fawns from now until late August.

Wildlife management is the responsibility of the provincial government. If you are concerned for your safety or have sighted deer in your neighborhood that are no longer afraid of people or pets, please report them to the Conservation Officer Service by calling 1-877-952-7277.

When you see deer, and your presence invokes a response from the deer such as a change in stance, ear position or physical movement, you are too close. Give the deer plenty of space (15 to 20 metres) to either move or exit the area. Do not walk close to the deer; choose another route.

Be sure to walk your dog on a leash and be ready to let go of the leash if a deer becomes aggressive.

The CRD created two informational brochures (Information for Residents and Reducing Deer-Human Conflicts: Deterrents) to help educate citizens and keep them safe. WildSafe BC also has information that you and your family will find helpful.

For more information on the District of Oak Bay's efforts to reduce deer/human conflict in the community please click here.