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Shi (Ciel) Dong

Dr. Shi Dong, an esteemed artist from Beijing, China, draws profound inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional Eastern Asian arts and philosophy. Her academic journey began with a deep exploration of philosophy in Beijing before she pursued her passion for art, earning degrees from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and a Ph.D. from RMIT University in Australia.

Dr. Dong's artistic portfolio is a mesmerizing blend of poetic nature painting and design elements infused with insights from psychology. Engaging in comparative philosophy research, she explores the intersections between Buddhism and Phenomenology through her practice of abstraction. Concepts such as perception, consciousness, oneness, and transcendent experience find expression in her work.

Developing a unique method of art mediation, Dr. Dong's paintings become meditative surfaces, inviting contemplation and introspection from her audience.

Dr. Shi Dong's visionary approach to art and research beckons viewers on an enchanting journey, where echoes of the past harmonize with the aspirations of the future, forging a profound connection between the tangible and the transcendent.

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Interested in exhibiting? 

Oak Bay Arts & Culture provides free exhibition space at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre to promote local artists and arts. Exhibitions are approximately 2 months in duration. Our facilities are welcoming, public spaces. Artwork should be appropriate for all ages and respectful of diverse cultures and beliefs.

Applications are accepted year-round. A waitlist is maintained. 

To apply, please contact the Arts & Culture Programmer.