Tree Donations

We regret to inform you that our Tree Planting Program is currently on hold. Please check back later for updates. Thank you for your understanding.

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List of Donors

Donated By Tree Location When

Elizabeth Faber

Dean Kelly Morrison
Born – May 27th, 1967.
Missing – October 2013

Dean went missing from Stump Lake Ranch and has never been seen or heard from for over 10yrs.

Dean, you will live on in my heart forever!  I hope you are at peace wherever you are.  Love Mom.

Dad, you gave me life, and you continue to give me life in many moments.  To a father, brother, spirit.  Love Paz.

I miss you, Dad!  Thankful to have been a part of you!  Love Eden.

Dad, I love you and miss you everyday.  You live on within all of us.  Love Anique.

In memory of Michelle Dawn Morrison
August 20,1971 - August 31, 2014
Love Mom

Garry Oak Tree

Costain Green (Beach Drive & Midland Rd.) May, 2024

Iranian Residents of Victoria

This Scarlett Oak Tree planted at Henderson Recreation Centre honors the bravery and heroic acts of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement in Iran.   The movement’s call for liberty and rights became universal and was heard and honored overseas.

Scarlet Oak Tree

Henderson Recreation Centre (picnic area) 2023

Lorna Stankoven

 “In memory of Ian and Vera Hunt.
Two parents, grandparents, who love and cherished family so much! Although gone, not forgotten, now living on with God in heaven, just as this tree lives on with us today.”

Venus Dogwood
Henderson Par 3 Golf Course - Tee 9 2023

Jennifer Dowd

"This tree was planted in memory of an amazing person, mom, daughter, sister, and grandmother.   Margaret Dowd who passed away in October 2022 is remembered by her children, Jennifer and Charlie, and her sister Janice.   You will always be loved and remembered, mom.”

Memorial Tree – Black Gum (Nyssa Slyvaticica)
Uplands Gate 2023
For our much-missed beloved parents Brian and Jill Johnston and to our happy early days in Oak Bay,.Antony, Melanie, Sally, Ghislaine, Jodoca, Guy, Claire, Naomi.

Stewartia Tree

Windsor Park Scented Garden July, 2022

The Willis – Marles Family

In loving memory of our dearest 'Liz' Priestman (1947-2020).
Not all sisters are born to us, life saves some for us along the way.
Always held close in our hearts.

Akebono Daybreak Cherry Tree 

Corner of Hamiota Street & Estevan Avenue March 2022

Victoria & Roberto Cecchini

In memory of Rovigo Cecchini born in Montreal, where he lived with his wife and best friend Yolanda and their son Roberto. This tree is gifted to Roberto (an Oak Bay resident) for his birthday from his wife Victoria to remember his truly inspirational father, support our wondrous earth and offer a gift of natural beauty to future generations. Nell’amore e nella gratitudine. 

Two Memorial Trees – Golden Dawn Redwood & Ball & Burlap Giant Redwood 


Loon Bay March 2022

Karen and Bruce McRae
In memory of our beautiful daughter, 
Jennie Lynne Peddlesden
February 27, 1985-August 10, 2021.

Jennie lived near Bowker Creek, loved the beauty of Oak Bay Parks, and taught her children to love nature.
Declan, Alena and Ivy, our beloved grandchildren, this tree is for you to look at and remember how much your Mum loved being with you outdoors and all the happy times you had with her exploring and learning.

Starlight Dogwood Tree

Bowker Creek Pathway February 27, 2022.

With love from Hayley Judge & John Cooney.

In Memory of Tim Keeping

Though you are no longer here in body, we can continue to grow together in spirit. 

Love Sam

Memorial Tree - Garry Oak

Anderson Hill Park 2021

Kathe Hogg

Liam Joseph Turley

Son of Jennifer and Dominic, Brother of Veronica.

Liam was always a delight to me, and will be forever loved by his Oma.

Memorial Tree - Acer palmatum “Bloodgood”

Windsor Park 2021



Madone Pelan

Gerald Turner 1941-2016
Gerry followed his heart to the West Coast. An avid hiker known for his love of birds, nature and his free spirit.

Spanish Chestnut Tree Bowker Creek Walkway 2021

Donna Kosteriva

Donated by the Kosteriva Family

Memorial Tree - Garry Oak Tree

Greenspace at Murdoch Cres 2021

Heather McDonald

Donated by the McDonald Family

Memorial Tree - Douglas Fir & Galaxy Magnolia

Cedar Hill X Rd & Cadboro Bay Rd 2021

Gloria Prescott

In memory of our beloved Leslie Prescott; husband, father, grandfather.  Good friend to many and steward of nature's wonder...


Your loving family and dear friend, Janet Riopel.


Memorial Tree - Garry Oak Tree

Corner of Crescent Rd & Quimper Rd - Greenspace 2021

Anita Wolfe

Dina Wolfe  1937-2020

In memory of a life so beautifully lived
A heart so deeply loved
Larger than life
Lover of life
Forever in our hearts

Memorial Tree - Garry Oak Tree

Uplands Park 2021

Victoria Cecchini

In memory of Yolanda Cecchini, a strong, beautiful and loving force in every way and in recognition of the selfless love that my husband, Roberto Cecchini showed his mother Yolanda in the way that he cared for her with total devotion until she died peacefully at home at the age of 96.

Japanese Zelcova Tree

Greenspace at end of Exeter & Beach  2020

Novus Properties

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”
In loving memory of an Australian Adventurer
Edward “Eddie” Mathers
March 28th, 1994 – October 20th, 2020
“Lost to us while professionally serving members of the local community”.

Memorial Tree - Oak Tree

Greenspace at end of Landsdown Road near Beach Drive 2020

McCallum Family

In loving memory of Alexander  McCallum (known as Sandy) 1935-2020

A much loved husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, great grandfather, brother-in-law and uncle.

Always in our Hearts

Tho your smile is gone forever,
and your hands we can not touch,
we have so many memories
of the one we loved so much.
Our memories are our keepsake
with which we'll never part.
God has you in His keeping,
We have you in our hearts!

Japanese Zelcova Tree

Opposite 3280 Beach Drive


The Family of Ruth Pearce

More than most, Ruth would’ve enjoyed sitting on a bench and watching children play in a park, with her gentle smile, bringing love to the park and everyone in it.
She lived a remarkable life of 93 years, and her humour, positivity, curiosity, and genuine interest in people knew no bounds.
Like Ruth did, we hope this tree will make life nicer for everyone near to it.
Thank you, Grandma. Love you to pieces.


Purple Leaf Plum Tree (Prunus pissardi nigra)

Quimper Park 2020

The Gorham Family

In Loving memory of Donna Gorham, loving wife, devoted mother, doting grandmother.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana

Queen’s Park November 2019
McDonald Family

Douglas Fir 

Kobus Magnolia

Cedar Hill X Road and Cadboro Bay Road February 2020

Alesha’s Loving Family

“Enduring Love”

Willow Tree
Windsor Park January 2020

Johal & Dhillon Families

Happy 80th Nana! While nothing can quite match your beautiful heart, we thought this tree came the closest.  Thank you for your constant generosity and endless love.  We are thankful for you every day, and our only wish for you this year and in the years to come is for you to RELAX! Hopefully visiting this tree will help you do that.  With our love, Suki, Susan, Raykha, Sowaran, Ranbeer, Meena, Nalin and Jalem.


Beach Drive, close to Entrance of Oak Bay Marina

January 2020

The Family of Betty Kjarsgaard

In Loving Memory of Betty, a beloved wife, mother and grandmother who will always be remembered for her big heart and kind soul.

Autumn Blaze Maple
Nottingham Park - Straight South of the Playground January 2020

Nadine Buchan and Brent Jacobi

In Loving Memory of our mother, Boni Jacobi, who gave us everything.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Nottingham Park January 2020
Linda Maddaugh Garry Oak/Quercus garryana Uplands Park November 2019

Sheridan Scott and David Zussman

In Memory of Denyse Mackenzie, who loved life and believed “The World would be a Better Place to Live in if Everyone Planted a Tree.”

Big Leaf Maple/Acer Macrophyllum

Fireman’s Park March 2019

Eric and Cindy

In Loving Memory of Hugh Graham Thomson, 1950-1968 “Who Knows What Might Have Been?”

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana

Haynes Park (left side of greenspace) March 2019

Vernon G. Turner

In remembrance of Beryl Audrey Oke Turner (née Nation) 1929-2017

Flowering Crabapple/Malus Royal Raindrops

Rose Garden S.E. Corner Windsor Park

July 2018

The Hutchings Family

In memory of Norm and Lucile Hutchings.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana

Bowker Creek Walkway

November 2017

Margaret, Karen and Dan

In memory of Grant McDiarmaid 1949-2017.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana



Uplands Park November 2017

Karen and Dan, Grant and Margaret

In memory of Doreen McDiarmaid 1921-2017.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana

Uplands Park

May 2017

The Parandeh Family

In memory of Dr Zheni Parandeh loving husband, father and grandfather 1932-2010.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana

Uplands Park January 2017

In memory of Jordan Marklund, who loved cherry blossoms.

"It takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory and still to love it." - Oscar Wilde

With love on behalf of his family and friends.

Daybreak Cherry - Prunus x yedonesis “Abebono”
Oak Bay Firehall December 2016

Dan & Karen & Chris

In memory of Bradan Paul MacDougall

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Uplands Park April 2015

Lee, Neil and Janice Porteous and Laraine and Frank Shedden.

In memory of Fern Porteous, who would have been pleased at the blossoms for the bees, fruit for the birds and colour in the fall.


Centennial Trail November 2014

Lee, Neil and Janice Porteous and Laraine and Frank Shedden

In memory of Don Porteous, who did his best to keep trees from being bulldozed.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Centennial Trail November 2014

Dolsen Family

The Dolsen Family Tree

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Uplands Park November 2014

Family, friends, and Axé Capoiera

In loving memory of Silvan Herberger, 1988-2012.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Quimper Street and Crescent Road November 2014

Heather and Riley Gray

In memory of Curtis Gray.

"Just Playing Through"

White Spot Dawn Redwood/Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Henderson Golf Course October 2014

Takayo and Makito

In loving memory of Hirotsugu Kono.



Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Willows Beach April 2014

Donated on behalf of her daughters Doreen, Donna, Debbie & Denise.

In memory of Janet Schwartz.

You will be remembered here by your favourite tree and views of the boats that you loved so much.

Purple Leafed Plum/Prunus Pissardi Nigra 
Queens' Park April 2014

The Oak Bay Green Committee

In memory of Trevor Williams.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
TBD April 2013

Bill, John and Kristina Lane

In memory of Barbara Lane.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Uplands Park March 2013

William Emigh
& Colin Tilney

Big Leaf Maple/Acer Macrophyllum
Bowker Creek Walkway December 2012

Joan & Neil Wells

In memory of Jack Barker and Rusty (the border collie). In memories of happy times spent in Lokier Gardens.


Lokier Gardens December 2012
Anonymous Garry Oak/Quercus garryana (2) Uplands Park November 2012

Angela and Julia Buckingham

For Bob Buckingham, Loving husband and father.

Magnolia Yellow Bird

Oakdowne Park April 2012

Ann Purdy

In Memory of Alan and Doris Purdy.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  Monterey Recreation Centre March 2012


In memory of Caroline and Oliver Mothersill.

Nyssa Sylvatica

Midland Circle

January 2012

Margaret Palmer

In memory of Carl Palmer.

Passardi Thundercloud Windsor Park

March 2011

William Emigh

In memory of Peter Fleck 1952-2010.

Big Leaf Maple/Acer macrophyllum  Bowker Park

December 2010

William Emigh

In memory of Glenys Barbara McLauchlan (B. Emigh) 1925-2010.

Big Leaf Maple/Acer macrophyllum Bowker Park

December 2010

Oak Bay Green Committe

Donated in memory of Thomas, Eliza and Charles Bayley early pioneers to Fort Victoria; Thomas was the Bailiff and they lived on a farm located near the spot where Henderson Recreation Centre is today.

Copper Beech/Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropunicea’ (2)
Nottingham Park

November 2010

Cunningham Family

In loving memory of Sean Cunningham 1944-2009. A Dear Husband, Dad, Grandad and Brother.

Red Maple/Acer rubrum ‘Red Sunset’
Behind the Rose Garden at Windsor Park

October 2010

Family, friends, and Recreation Oak Bay staff

In memory of Liz Kilgore.

Eddies White Wonder/Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder’
Oak Bay Recreation Centre 1975 Bee Street

August 2010

Gonzales Preschool Kwanzan Cherry
Oakdowne Park

April 2010

Gloria and Ian Back

As a donation from the Victoria Fund.

Eddies White Wonder/Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder’
Oak Bay Police Department

March 2010

Anonymous Garry Oak/Quercus garryana
Uplands Park

May 2009

Anonymous Garry Oak/Quercus garryana (2)  Uplands Park

April 2009

Oak Bay Green Committee Red Maple/Acer rubrum ‘Red Sunset’  Canarvon Park

March 2009

Oak Bay Green Committee Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  524 Victoria

March 2009

Sri Chinmoy Centre

Honouring our beloved teacher, Sri Chinmoy.

Golden Rain Tree/ Koelreuteria paniculata
Sri Chinmoy Centre Boulevard

November 2008

Catherine and Steven Kohut

In memory of Omer H. Patrick.

Lace Leaf Japanese Maple/Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum’
Queens' Park

October 2008

William Emigh

In memory of Kathy Bergen.

Big Leaf Maple/Acer
Bowker Walkway

October 2008

Wife Deirdre, his sons Ryan and Graeme Litt; his sister Bryony Reid and family, husband David, children Colin, Allison and Miles Reid; David’s parents Richard and Sheila Litt of Victoria

In memory of David William Burnell Litt.

Douglas Fir/Psuedotsuga menziesii
Native Plant Garden

October 2008

Valerie & Trevor Williams

In memory of Riley.

Red Maple/Acer rubrum ‘Red Sunset’  Lafayette Park

July 2008


Garry Oak/Quercus garryana (2)
Uplands Park

May 2008

Margaret and Carl Palme

In memory of Eleanor Palmer.

Katsura Tree/Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Windsor Park

May 2008


In memory of Peter Way.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  Fireman’s Park

May 2008

Oak Bay Green Committee

In memory of Roger Colwill.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  Brighton Walkway at Hampshire

April 2008

Oak Bay Green Committee

In memory of Bruce Cumming.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  Lafayette Park

April 2008

Antoinette Boltres

In memory of husband Emile Boltres.

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  Anderson Hill Park

January 2008

Leslie Bryant

In memory of Garth Pilon.

Pink Flowering Dogwood/Cornus florida ‘Rubra’
Along Bowker Creek

November 2007

Oak Bay Green Committee

In memory of Helen McVie, Jerry Chodeck and Roger and Dorothy Mann.

Copper Beech/Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropunicea’
Eddies White Wonder/Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder’ 
772 Victoria

June 2007

Monterey Environmental Team

Monterey Elementary School

Garry Oak/Quercus garryana  Boulevard on Oliver side of the School

May 2007

Stuart Stark, Steven Stark and David Stark

In Celebration of Robert and Mary Stark’s 50th Wedding Anniversary on May 14, 1992.

Copper Beech/Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropunicea’
Near the Scented Garden at Windsor Park

April 1993