Wall of Fame

Community Recognition Policy & Procedures

I. Purpose

This Wall of Fame Community Recognition initiative is established to honor individuals who have been instrumental in the development of Oak Bay’s parks, facilities, and programs and who have exercised extraordinary commitment to the community of Oak Bay or performed voluntary services deemed to have been of great importance to the community.

The Wall of Fame is a permanent tribute displayed in the main lobby of the Oak Bay Recreation Centre consisting of a photograph of the honoree alongside a brief description of their contributions.

This policy establishes procedures for the selection of individuals to be recognized as well as criteria that will guide members of the Selection Committee in recommending names for approval by Municipal Council.

II. Criteria

The following criteria shall be used in selecting individuals for this honour:

  1. Had a significant impact on the continuation and/or enhancement of established programs and/or created new opportunities for the community through new facilities or programs in the areas of recreation, community sport, arts, culture, lifelong education and learning, community events and/or similarly related community based initiatives;

  2. Had a clear and demonstrated, positive impact on the lives of Oak Bay’s citizens;

  3. Quality and length of community service;

  4. Candidate may be living or deceased. Candidates may include past employees of the District, past elected officials and/or past members of District Committees or Commissions. Present and/or active employees and/or sitting elected officials or committee members are not eligible.

III. Procedure for Nominating and Selecting Individuals to be Honoured

  1. Nominations shall be made in writing on an approved nomination form to the office of the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture. In some instances, it may be appropriate to actively solicit suggestions and, in those cases, a time frame for submissions will be established.

  2. All nominations, whether from an individual or an organization, must include the name and address of the submitter. No anonymous nominations will be accepted. All nomination applications must be accompanied by two (2) letters of reference.

  3. The Director is responsible for conveying the nominations to the Selection Committee. The Director’s office will assure that adequate time is allowed to evaluate the recommended nominations.

  4. The Selection Committee will be formed on an ad hoc basis by appointment by the Mayor and shall include two representatives of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee, two representatives of Municipal Council, and one representative from the general community who has contributed volunteer work to the community and whom has been appointed by the Mayor. The representative from the community may be nominated by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee and/or by the Director, Parks, Recreation and Culture and/or upon recommendations to the Director from Parks, Recreation and Culture staff. A staff member from the Director’s office will provide staff assistance to the committee but will be a non-voting member.

  5. Up to three (3) individuals may be inducted into the Wall of Fame in any one year. However, the selection committee may deem it not appropriate to make a recommendation to Council in any given year.

  6. Organizations may submit multiple nominations in any one year. However, only one nomination per organization may be selected in any one year.

  7. The Selection Committee will consider the criteria outlined above, the written nominations, and form a recommendation to Council citing the notable achievements and contributions of the individual.

  8. The recommendation(s) received from the Selection Committee shall be placed on Council agenda, in camera, for final approval, which shall be taken by Council Resolution.

  9. In order to maintain confidentiality, only the names of those selected will be released.

  10. Nominees who are eligible for selection but were not selected will be kept on file for future consideration for a period of three (3) years. All nomination forms, applicable documentation, and/or photos will become the property of the Corporation of the District of Oak Bay and will not be returned to the Nominator unless specifically requested at the time of nomination. Returned nominations will not be automatically included for future consideration.

  11. Nominations will be solicited annually through an annual advertising campaign in January and February.

IV. Timeline For Submitting Nominations

  • Closing date for nominations is February 28th each year;

  • Nominations will be reviewed by the Selection Committee by March 31st of each year;

  • Recommended nominations will be presented to Municipal Council for approval in April of each year.

V. Recognition - Once approved by Council

The inductees will be publicly recognized in the following ways:

  • Once approved by Council, inductees will receive recognition on the Wall of Fame consisting of a photograph of the honoree alongside a concise description of their contributions.
  • Honorees and one guest and/or two family members of the honoree, if deceased, will be invited to the Municipal Volunteer Recognition Dinner held in May or if attendance is not possible, recognition will be done at some other appropriate time, as set by Council.
  • Honorees will also be recognized via the Parks, Recreation and Culture website and/or via a news release to the Oak Bay News or other news sources in the community.

VI. Exclusions

Current members of Municipal Council or Council appointed boards or committees are not eligible for nomination. Current employees of the District of Oak Bay are also not eligible.