Summer Concerts in the Park - Dancing, Singing, and some Uke's Misbehavin'

Event Location: 

Willows Park, Grassy Area

Event Date: 
Saturday, June 29, 2024 - 2:00pm
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With a stunning backdrop of Willows Beach, these outdoor concerts gather the community to celebrate music and the arts. Our concerts highlight local musicians with emerging artists as opening acts. Presented by Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture, with financial support from the Province of British Columbia.

Bring a picnic? Ride your bike? Help to keep our concerts in the park green.

Free to attend!

Dancing, Singing and some Uke's Misbehavin'

1st Set (2:00pm) - AN & BEN

Both accomplished musicians in their own right, when Andrea and Ben Lubberts make music together, their sum becomes more than the parts put together. It was music that first created sparks of romance between this now-married duo, which is readily apparent upon hearing the earnest songwriting, delicate melodies and interwoven harmonies they share.

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2nd Set (2:40pm) – STAGES DANCE COMPANY


3rd Set (3:10pm) – LADO STRINGS

Two years ago, violin duo Borys Koniukhov & Julia Frait left the Ukraine to carve out a peaceful life in Victoria. Both Borys and Julia trained at the Kyiv National Music Academy, afterwards working in many Ukrainian orchestras and traveling the world performing on cruise liners.


4th Set (3:40pm) - UKE'S MISBEHAVIN'

Bryon Thompson on baritone, Clayton Long on tenor and Freda Eckstein on bass and tenor ukulele; have years of musical experience in multiple genres and together bring you a distinctive stellar swing sound. These three will share their love of swing music and jazz harmonies. You will enjoy the stories, songs, solos and arrangements they have in store when they get to “misbehavin” for you! We’re sure your previous impressions of the ukulele will never be the same again!

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.