Willows Park

Dalhousie Street and Beach Drive
Park Category: 
Playground, Developed


A developed waterfront park (1.17 hectare) with large grassed area, change rooms and washrooms, concession and tea room, picnic tables, benches, children’s play area, sandy beach, esplanade and walkway. There are some imperiled species on the beach area.

This scenic developed waterfront park is highly used for active and passive recreational activities on its open grass and beachfront. The park is a social gathering place where visitors of all ages enjoy mostly unstructured activities appropriate to its beachfront setting.

Use of the grassed area is allowed for small social functions by permit request, however, the park areas remain open to visitors at all times and exclusive use is not given (with the exception of the Oak Bay Tea Party and other approved community events).

Structured sport activity is not allowed on the area except, by permit, a limited number of beach/grass volleyball events are allowed (to a maximum of 4 days per year per Commission policy).

Beach Access
Change Rooms
Floral Area
Grass Areas
Monument / Cairn
Park Signage
Picnic Tables
Scenic Views
Trails Walkway
Water Fountain
Dog Information: 

Federal Regulations:

The District of Oak Bay contains shoreline areas that are subject to Federal Regulations detailed below. Enforcement of these regulations remain the responsibility of Environment Canada.

For more information on the Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations, or enforcement requests, please contact Environment Canada by email at ec.enviroinfo.ec@canada.ca or toll free at 1-800-668-6767.

Section 5 of the Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations states that dogs and cats are not permitted to run at large at any time and must be under the continuous and effective control of their owners at all times. 


District of Oak Bay Municipal Bylaw:

In addition to the Federal Regulations, the District of Oak Bay has Municipal Bylaw Regulations that are enforced primarily through the contracted services of Victoria Animal Control.

Dogs are not permitted on Willows Beach between May 1 and September 30.   

Dogs are not permitted on Willows Beach in the area known as South Willows Beach (from the end of Bowker Avenue to the south boundary of Glenlyon-Norfolk School) at any time of the year.


Accessibility Information: 

Except for personal assistance devices or equipment for special permitted events, wheeled apparatuses must remain on the streets and are not allowed on any grassed areas or paved pathways in the park. 

The Mobi-Mat is a portable and durable mat system that is designed to provide accessibility onto Willows Beach for individuals with limited mobility abilities. The location of the Mobi-Mat is the Willows Beach entrance at the end of Bowker Avenue.