Uplands Park

2900 Block of Beach Drive
Park Category: 
Undeveloped, Natural Area

This undeveloped natural area (30.635 hectares) bounded by residences, suburban streets, and the ocean on its eastern boundary provides an excellent example of Garry Oak meadow and associated ecosystems. The park has one of the greatest concentrations of rare plant species in all of Canada. The park has well-used informal trails, boat launch ramps, a manicured area with a War Memorial, a scenic waterfront drive and parking area, benches and picnic tables.

Uplands Park is valued as a beautiful natural area providing enjoyment of magnificent water views in unique natural surroundings, where remnants of the original Garry Oak meadow ecosystem flourish and evolve, which provide opportunities for outdoor experiences that foster enjoyment, appreciation, and respect for the environment. The park’s natural attributes create educational opportunities for learning about its natural landscape, plants, animals, and history.

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Beach Access
Boat Ramp
Monument / Cairn
Park Signage
Scenic Views
Trails Walkway
Dog Information: 

There are no restrictions on dogs at the Cattle Point side of the park (on the east side of Beach Drive) however; restrictions apply in the rest of the park. Dogs are allowed off leash during January to March, and July to December. Dogs must be under full control (on leash) of a competent person April to June.

Accessibility Information: 

With the exception of personal assistance devices, wheeled apparatus are allowed only on paved roadways and sidewalks in the park.