Anderson Hill Park

500 Block Island Road
Park Category: 
Undeveloped, Natural Area

An undeveloped natural area (2.79 hectares) within a residential neighborhood, Anderson Hill Park features rock outcrops, Garry Oak ecosystems, some open spaces, native flora and fauna and non-native shrubs and plants. There are no known species at risk in this park, but the Garry Oak communities have been ranked Critically Endangered in British Columbia. There are some archeological features of interest and some defined trails.

Anderson Hill Park provides a valuable recreational resource for citizens to peacefully enjoy the natural park ambience and panoramic views, with some ecological and archeological educational value.

Monument / Cairn
Park Signage
Scenic Views
Trails Walkway
Dog Information: 

Dogs are allowed on leash at any time. Dog are allowed off leash in the open area on the brow of the hill during July to March.

Accessibility Information: 

With the exception of personal assistance devices, wheeled apparatuses are not allowed in the park.