Nino Samson

Training Since: 
  • BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Registered Weight Training Leader                   
  • NCCP Level 1 Coaching Theory Certification
  • Occupational First Aid Level 2

Knowing where you want to go has to be decided before you act. I will help you establish your vision and develop a plan aligned with your passions and interests. I have experience in preparing potential recruits for physical tests for armed forces and emergency services, such as the POPAT and PARE. Whether your goals are to gain massive strength, build a large aerobic capacity, move faster, build muscle or a little bit of everything, a sense of programming is critical. I can help you lay out your path and adapt when you hit plateaus (which you certainly will).

Currently accepting clients seeking to advance their training in strength and speed or preparing for POPAT/PARE physical testing.


A journey of almost two decades of fitness in the pursuit of speed, strength and endurance has shaped my training philosophy. Over the years, my revelations have come through the long hours grinding away at the weights, running through the trails and on endless roads. These are lessons learned through team and individual sports, close to a decade of personal training, adventures on different continents and a healthy appetite for knowledge.

My belief is that our mental mindsets are inextricably linked to our physical mechanics. Our emotional states are connected to our capacity for motion, both of which are uniquely human. I’ve learned that ‘health and wellness’ is more than the science of anatomy and physiology, or the philosophies of mindfulness and meditation.