1241 Monterey Avenue

The property at 1241 Monterey consists of a one-storey Craftsman style bungalow in Central Oak Bay.

Heritage Value: 

This well-preserved bungalow is important as part of the architectural and development history of Oak Bay - specifically as part of the pre-war building boom of 1912-14. Built in 1912, this house is historically linked to Oak Bay as the home of the widow of Robert E. Dodds, Mrs. Louise M.B. Dodds.

The home is architecturally important as an example of the work of prominent Victoria architect J. C. M. Keith (who also designed Christ Church Cathedral). This bungalow is notable for its shingle style, quality stone construction and Arts and Crafts design detailing. The house is simple in plan and appearance, but it is the stonework and unique architectural detailing that contribute to the importance of the building within the streetscape.

The location of the property on Monterey Avenue in Central Oak Bay is significant as it is within walking distance to the transit system on Oak Bay Avenue - the streetcar lines have now been replaced by a bus route – and is linked to the progression of urban development within Oak Bay and Victoria’s suburban development.

Character Defining Elements: 
  • The close proximity of the house to Monterey and Oak Bay Avenues.
  • Location of the house at the center of its original lot.
  • Elements of the bungalow design demonstrated by the shingle siding, inset porch, leaded glass windows, and bell-cast roof.
  • Prominence of stone building materials, such as the granite columns, corner posts, masonry foundation and rock retaining wall with entrance gates at the front of the property.
  • Authentic (historic) interior Arts and Crafts detailing, such as the fir flooring, original fireplaces and intact woodwork.
Identifying Names: 
The Mrs Louise M. B. Dodds Home
South Oak Bay/Windsor
Oak Bay
Capital Region District