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Marina Area

The Henry Burt-Smith House is a one and one-half storey Tudor Revival style house on south Beach Drive.

The SANDHURST is located at 1512 Beach Drive. It was built in 1898/99 by John Gerhard Tiarks. The property was designated as heritage in 1974.


Bide-A-Wee is a two-storey waterfront house located on Beach Drive overlooking "Oak Bay" in the District of Oak Bay.

The property located at 1590 Beach Drive was built in 1928 by the architect K.B. Spurgin. It became a designated building in 2003.

North Oak Bay

Glenlyon Norfolk School consists of a one and one-half storey house, coach house, boathouse and garden located on Beach Drive in the District of...


The Bowden property consists of a two-storey Tudor Revival style house and landscaped grounds on the South-west border of the Uplands.

Poets Area

The Hambley House is a two storey, with full basement, Italianate residence with some Queen Anne details, located on a low-density street of...

Poets Corner area

The Fannie Eastman House was originally a gable-roofed, 500 square foot home. It had two rooms with a lean-to kitchen in the rear. This very small...

Poets Area

The property at 2090 Byron Street consists of a two-storey Queen Anne style house and shed located in the Poets Corner neighbourhood.


2753 Cavendish Avenue is a 1 1/2 storey, wood frame, Craftsman-style residence situated in the Willows Beach area of Oak Bay. Originally a beach...