Blasting at 2285 Woodlawn Crescent

December 10, 2014

A blasting permit was issued to 2285 Woodlawn Crescent. As a condition of the permit, as is standard practice, the District of Oak Bay is indemnified from any damage resulting from the blasting.

A stop work order was issued yesterday afternoon to 2285 Woodlawn Crescent preventing any further blasting from occurring at this location until further notice. Although a very rare occurrence, there is a possible connection between the blasting and the release of carbon monoxide from the ground.

The Oak Bay Fire department responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at 2281 Woodlawn Crescent on Friday evening December 5. After a thorough investigation of the home and proper venting protocols, they could not determine the cause. The home was rendered safe for occupancy. Blasting had been occurring on the adjacent property, 2285 Woodlawn Crescent.

On Monday, blasting resumed and on Monday evening, the carbon monoxide alarm sounded again at 2281 Woodlawn Crescent. The Oak Bay Fire Department arrived on scene and confirmed that carbon monoxide levels were significant enough to warrant the home cleared. It was determined that the carbon monoxide was entering the home through the floor drain in the crawl space. When the home ventilation system was activated, the carbon monoxide levels increased. Following protocols of public safety, the Oak Bay Fire Department advised the family to leave their home until the source of the carbon monoxide could be confirmed and mitigated, and instructed the home owners to contact their insurance company.

While the property owner at 2285 Woodlawn Crescent prepares to respond to the stop work order with appropriate geotechnical information, the District of Oak Bay is attempting to mediate a cooperative solution between the neighbours. The issue at hand is between the two property owners.

Please contact Mayor Nils Jensen at 250-882-0549 for further information.