OCP Community Survey

September 20, 2013

Over the next week, every household in Oak Bay will be mailed an invitation to participate in a survey regarding the renewal of our Official Community Plan (OCP). For more information on the OCP process, please click here.

You will have the choice of completing the survey online, or you can request that a paper copy be mailed to you. In order to complete the survey online, you will need the PIN contained in your invitation. If you live in a rental unit or if you do not receive a survey invitation letter by October 3, 2013, you can call our survey request line at 1-866-299-0464. The link to the survey will be available from the OCP Renewal page on the website by Wednesday September 25, 2013.

The community survey is an important opportunity for you to express your vision of Oak Bay, now and for the future. Surveys must be completed by October 30, 2013. Please participate - your opinion counts.