Declaration of Candidates

September 9, 2022

Updated September 12, 2022

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I, Joanna Winter, Chief Election Officer for the District of Oak Bay, do hereby declare, pursuant to section 97 of the Local Government Act, the following persons as candidates in the 2022 General Local Election:
Candidates for the office of Mayor:

  • MURDOCH, Kevin

Candidates for the offices of Councillor:

  • APPLETON, Andrew
  • FARMERE, Raymon
  • GREEN, Cairine
  • HELME, Roxanne
  • PATERSON, Esther
  • SMART, Carrie
  • SOUTHERN, Evan  - Withdrawn
  • WATSON, Lesley
  • ZHELKA, Eric Wood

Given under my hand at the District of Oak Bay, British Columbia, this 9th day of September, 2022